Thursday, June 24, 2010


This week we went to SEAWORLD!! When we left Brisbane it was a miserable, grey, rather rainy day. It looked like the rain had set in for the week. But it was the only day we could go and the Gold Coast weather forecast suggested that there would just be the odd shower there. So we forged on and as we neared the Gold Coast - blue skies! It was dry and was looking good.

The Gold Coast weather forecasters got it right and it was a day of intermittent showers and sunshine but it didn't stop us from enjoying everything. For the most part we avoided the rain, managing to be sitting in a show at the time of 2 huge downpours.

Seaworld has lots of animals on offer and lots to see and do but to be honest, the kids' rides were rather disappointing. There was only 4 rides - one not working due to the rain and another seemed to be under maintenance. They were a little lame, and an adult had to go on all but one ride with the boys because they were under the height limit. That said, the boys thought they were great and as it was a nice quiet day, we got to have several turns on each one. I would hate to go on a very busy summer's day as each ride only takes about 6-8 kids (because each has an accompanying adult sitting behind!)

Lachlan was just tall enough to go on the Log Ride and Bermuda Triangle accompanied by an adult. He was very brave on these and did enjoy them despite the scariness of the Bermuda.

Overall it was a great day and a lovely way to start Elliot's holidays from uni. Lachlan keeps talking about and all his favourite parts and planning his next trip! (We won't be rushing back though....)

SeaLion Show
Dolphin Cove
Vikings Flume
The Bird Bird Bounce
Sesame Street Show
"Little Penquins" Exhibit
Tight squeeze on the Aeroplanes

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A day of MAJOR blessings!!

I misplaced my purse on Saturday - that is to say, I bought some groceries with it on Saturday afternoon and came home and then couldn't find it on Monday when I went to get some more groceries! After a few topsy-turvy searches I had to conclude that I had in fact lost it or at least left it somewhere.
So I rang Woolies with no luck and while I was still fairly certain in my head that it was somewhere in the house, I was beginning to see that I could have left it in the trolley.

So today, after racing out to put the rubbish bin on the kerb as some unearthly hour, I collect the mail and each envelope had me in further shock!

First was a letter from centre management at Woolworths telling me they had an item belonging to me. Read: My purse! Yipppeeee!!!

Next came a letter each to Elliot and I from our accountant - these are always opened with trepidation but ALAS!!!! For the first time in..... I can't even remember..... we had both got a tax refund! One was a fairly hefty cheque. WOW!

And then I opened the last envelope from the Family Tax office. After finally lodging our 2009 tax return they were paying us another hefty refund for our family assistance!

What a glorious experience it was to go into the bank and bank those cheques today!

And the last blessing arrived in the mail just now. Lachlan has been confirmed enrolment at my preferred school of choice. It's a lovely lovely school and just around the corner and he will just love it!

So, blessings do come, and I am extremely grateful for each of them. There a few bills due in the next couple of weeks such as car insurance and rego and next term's kindy fees so the money has come at a brilliant time. We can also have a little treat in Melbourne next month too!

The day is not over....... hopefully some luck is headed your way too!


For the Queen's birthday weekend we were lucky enough to spend the weekend with Elliot's parents and sister at Tin Can Bay up near Gympie. It was a lovely weekend but unfortunately I forgot to take my camera on most day trips so the photos are limited! Here's some of our group on the last day at Rainbow Beach.
It was a great holiday and we did so much! Elliot and I finally had a date night at a beautiful restaurant in Gympie (who'd have thought!). It was a gorgeous old homestead with a great atmosphere. The food was divine and I was one very happily stuffed chook when we left!
We went on the Valley Rattler in Gympie and tried to feed the dolphins.... Now there's an interesting story!

The first morning we were keen and ready and arrived at 7.20am for the anticipated 8am arrival of the dolphin for their feeding. But 9.20am arrived and no dolphins :(
So we went back on Monday morning but we were sceptical about their arrival after the disaster on Saturday so didn't get their till just after 8am. We bought our buckets of fish ready to feed the dolphins. Lachlan was feeling brave and was prepared to hold the fish and wanted to do it. We were 2nd last in the queue but alas! 3 people ahead of us the dolphin decided he was too full and swam off back to the ocean. Poor Lachlan was left with his fish but no customer :( I was so disappointed for him but he was chipper and said "maybe we can do it next time". Awwww, I tell you what, this kid is just the best. I promise we will get back to Tin Can Bay one day and feed the dolphins.

Thanks Jenny and Bob for spoiling us with a fabulous weekend. We had a blast!

I have finally done some scrapbooking! This is Hayden's 2nd birthday (last year).
I'm still scrapping Hayden as a baby!
And me and my darling! This was when we were holidaying childless in Cairns 2009! I'm so used to scrapping boy's pages that it is really nice to do different things and be able to use more feminine colours.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been totally.... IRRESPONSIBLE!

I was just reading a recent entry - the one where I bemoaned the fact that I never see my husband and have too much responsibility. Btw Elliot had his last exam today! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Tomorrow we have a date with the garden! Joy.

Anyway, back to the post in hand. Yesterday was Sunday. The Sabbath. A day we rest from our labours and treat as sacred and different to all other days.
There was a youth fireside at Cleveland stake centre last night. As I drove home from church at 4.30pm in the afternoon and pulled into the drive, what should pop up? The petrol light. No, there was not going to be enough petrol to make the hour's round trip.

So apparently I am not as responsible as I thought. (Well, truth be told, I don't think I am responsible, so I will rephrase: Not as responsible as I should be.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The end is nearing!!!!!!!!!

A big shout out to my wonderful husband who handed in his LAST assignment for his first semester today! YAY!!!

Just 5 more exams to go. You can do it darling. I am so proud of how well he's done. He's acing it! But then, we always knew he would :S

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't you blog surf???

So I was recently at a small party. All attendees were members of our church in the local area and I remembered most from sight from back in the days of the ysa scene.

Now one of these people has a blog. And a little while ago I stumbled upon her blog. Don't you read one person's blog and then flick through the blogs that they read? It can lead to a rather lengthy journey and you can find yourself in some very interesting places. Don't you all do it? Enjoy reading about sometimes stranger's lives and relating or having a good giggle, that is. Or maybe they made something cool that you tried after their recommendation. Isn't that how some of you found your way here?

This was how I discovered this aforementioned girl's blog. I found it quite interesting and checked back a couple more times.

Now picture the scene where I admit to this almost stranger (because she didn't recognise me, though we have both been at a few parties in recent years) that I've read her blog. Yes. It was awkward. Not for me. But she thought it was REALLY WEIRD. And she was a little shocked. "How bizarre!"

So here's a bit of advice: don't admit to strangers that you read their blog. They'll likely think you are a stalker and begin changing all their privacy settings and may even close their blog.

I'm not the only one interested in other people's lives am I? Or perhaps I'm the only one stupid enough to admit something so honest!! Tell me I'm not the only one. Pleeeeassssse.......... Or am I just weird?

Can I also take a moment to mention that a fellow blogger suggested a particular blog to me and did likewise to the author about mine. We have since 'bonded' in the cyber blogging world and it was her party that I found myself sitting at and thoroughly enjoying. So I don't think it is all that strange at all. I'm rather glad to admit that I'm a blog stalker because it led me to immense pleasure in reading and also in some great friends!!!