Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't you blog surf???

So I was recently at a small party. All attendees were members of our church in the local area and I remembered most from sight from back in the days of the ysa scene.

Now one of these people has a blog. And a little while ago I stumbled upon her blog. Don't you read one person's blog and then flick through the blogs that they read? It can lead to a rather lengthy journey and you can find yourself in some very interesting places. Don't you all do it? Enjoy reading about sometimes stranger's lives and relating or having a good giggle, that is. Or maybe they made something cool that you tried after their recommendation. Isn't that how some of you found your way here?

This was how I discovered this aforementioned girl's blog. I found it quite interesting and checked back a couple more times.

Now picture the scene where I admit to this almost stranger (because she didn't recognise me, though we have both been at a few parties in recent years) that I've read her blog. Yes. It was awkward. Not for me. But she thought it was REALLY WEIRD. And she was a little shocked. "How bizarre!"

So here's a bit of advice: don't admit to strangers that you read their blog. They'll likely think you are a stalker and begin changing all their privacy settings and may even close their blog.

I'm not the only one interested in other people's lives am I? Or perhaps I'm the only one stupid enough to admit something so honest!! Tell me I'm not the only one. Pleeeeassssse.......... Or am I just weird?

Can I also take a moment to mention that a fellow blogger suggested a particular blog to me and did likewise to the author about mine. We have since 'bonded' in the cyber blogging world and it was her party that I found myself sitting at and thoroughly enjoying. So I don't think it is all that strange at all. I'm rather glad to admit that I'm a blog stalker because it led me to immense pleasure in reading and also in some great friends!!!


  1. yep ... I have read this post from "blog surfing". Why would someone be wierded out by a stranger reading their blog if they do not have it on private? Do they not understand that you are putting your stuff out there for the world to see? I don't get it ...

    But I do enjoy reading so many different blogs. I laugh and cry and somewhat connect with these women, whether they know it or not. And I don't care if they know. :)

  2. yes i have done it!! and people do shy away!! so when people say to me that they read my blog, I try not to act offended, but surprised and happy... though it can take you by surprise.. dont worry about said persons reaction.. they were probably just surprised. I have blogged surfed and found people are RELATED to people in my far extended family!! that I had no idea about.. so this teaches me in the church you can't bad mouth anyone (not that I try to) cause you NEVER know who they might be related to... ha ha hah

  3. Yes I blog surf. That's how I found your blog. I enjoy finding blogs of people I knew (even slightly) from YSA days and finding out what they are up to now - and how they are handling the day to day pressures of parenthood. I find out helpful tips with dealing with my own problems and (my favourite thing) lots of crafty ideas. Although I admit I'm surprised when I find out that people other than my relatives read my blog too!

  4. Bev, it's not bizarre, not weird, and you are most definitely not alone in being a blog surfer. To prove it, I have just looked up all of the other commenters on this post so far :)
    (This is of course not to suggest that we can rule out the possibility of you being weird in all sorts of other delightful ways...)

  5. I too am a stalker. And I'm glad that I can learn from your mistake of admitting to stalking a strangers blog haha! I will be sure to not do that myself in the future.

  6. So not wierd Bev!!! Isn't that the purpose of a blog - to share and learn and connect??? I love (LOVE) reading your posts (truly really) because I like to find out more about the real Bev and connect in that way too?? So not wierd, its wierd to think its wierd!!!! hehehehe - and I really really liked Sandy's post about over the back fence - I think that's really really true, that blogging has become the modern womans attempt at connecting - so good and so true - so not wierd!!! :) :) :)

  7. I think it may take someone by surprise if they haven't made an active attempt to promote their own blog. It raised the question, who else is reading this? Do I want to share my life with everyone? It's flattering in many ways to have someone interested in what you are doing/thinking. It's also so comforting to read about others struggles and to feel connected to a world outside your four walls, particularly when going stir crazy with children. We have so much to offer people but sometimes may struggle to put ourselves out their emotionally. Blogging gives us a buffer and allows us to be honest and open.

  8. Hi Bev :) I thought this was a great opportunity to make myself known and say Hi! Yes I too love to blog surf (my thoughts are the same as yours.....doesn't everyone blog surf???) This is how I came across your blog and lots of others that I love to read! usually I leave at least one comment saying Hi (otherwise I feel a bit stalker-ish) so HI :) hope you don't find it weird that I read your blog and we've never met.....hehe :)

    The thing I love about blogging is being able to 'connect' and resonate with other women's feelings and experiences from all over the world, even if I don't personally know them! So many times I have been inspired or had an 'aha' moment by reading something someone has put out there in blog land!!

    Felicity :)

  9. HI Bev,
    I am guilty too! I love finding other bloggers that I slightly know...especially from Australia..as I do stalk a few American blogs as well of people who are friends with my sister-in-law...I am sure they all have no idea!

  10. Bev, I don't get heaps of comments on my blogs so sometimes I hope I'm not the whingy blogger or the boring blogger. lol I think if someone told me they stalk me I'd be stoked!

  11. Hi Bev,

    I hope this wasn't me, was it? I met you first at Jillina's taste testing party, a few weeks ago! I only ask because I have had a few instances when people have said they read my blog, and I've been totally honestly surprised by it! I guess I just think of my readers as the ones that leave comments, and I forget that people from all over can read my blog and vice versa. But I am always, always HAPPY about it!

    Anyway if it was me, Im sorry if I came across as anything but positive about it, because I blog surf and definitely love it when people blog surf my way too!

  12. Hi Bev

    I stalk your blog now and then too, and find it amusing that you've written this post...because here I am!

    It was only strange when a middle-aged man I don't know at all called out 'cute blog!' to me as I passed him at Stake Conference a couple of weeks ago. That got me thinking about the privacy settings but I enjoy blog surfing too much (and know others do too) to let it bother me.

    I just try to remember what info I shouldn't give and what I might say about others :-)