Monday, October 10, 2011

Time flies when there's birthdays going on

Here's a very brief overview of the last few months! And you're all probably very glad to get the brief version because I can tend to waffle if given the chance :P

Hayden turned 4! He chose a volcano cake for his family birthday party.
It was the easiest cake I've done and I think it turned out one of the best (if I do say so myself!)

We bought him a skateboard for his birthday.....
As I was buying it I kept thinking it was really stupid, that I was just buying him a one-way ticket to the orthopedic ward. I should have been more worried about Grandpa. A little while after this photo was taken, Grandpa and Hayden went downstairs to compare tricks. My Dad fell off the skateboard and hurt his shoulder. 10 weeks on and he is facing major surgery on it and hoping that he'll be able to get back to golf soon.
And for the record, Hayden has NO injuries from riding the skateboard. He was an amazing natural balance. This kid is so crazy!

I turned 30!!!!!
I don't feel thirty. And I know a lot of people feel depressed turning 30 but I didn't really care. It's just another number.... I remember when I was younger (ha!) I would look at women approaching the big 3 0 and think they looked so responsible. They had it all together. They had their life in control and were so accomplished. Well I am none of those things and sometimes that scares me but most of the time I don't think about my age.
Lachlan turned 6!
And since his knees were around his ears when pedalling on his old bike, he asked for a new "big boys bike". And look - no training wheels!

Lachlan took cupcakes to school and I was silly.... and entertained Lachlan's request for spiderman cupcakes. Piping 28 cupcakes with one of those little tubes of icing you buy from the supermarket was a killer. It took forever and killed my hands. It wasn't till several weeks later than I had a lightbulb moment involving a piping bag and royal icing. So stupid!
Anyway, he was very chuffed to take them to school.

We made a Ben Ten creation for the party. This was another fun one to do!
(By the way it was an off year for both boys this year - meaning we only have a family party for each of them. They get a friends' party every second year. Lachlan wasn't thrilled with this plan this year but he coped with it by talking about his 7th birthday plans constantly!)

And here's Natalie... just because......

Natalie is crazy happy!

And soooo cute!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Patheticness at it's best

May???? My last entry was May??? What the heck! You've missed my 10year wedding anniversary, a farmstay holiday, my 30th birthday, both sons' birthdays, new Natalie antics, and a spring holiday!
I'll gather some photos and be back to fill you in tomorrow!
(Not that I anticipate having any readers left. I mean to fill in for posterity sake!)