Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Zealand 2015 - Day 1

It's been a long time!  I won't attempt to fill in the last 18 months.  But in 2015 we had a very special trip to New Zealand and it's definitely worth documenting. We visited the North Island for just over a week.  Here we are on our first day.  We arrived extremely late the night before and slept at the Dunlops.  The kids had a great morning playing with the cousins and then we set off enroute to Rotorua.  First stop was an old mission haunt for Elliot, Pokeno - cheapest Icecream I've ever had!  It was delicious.  Although rather cold!

The countryside is incredible and takes my breath away.  Doesn't matter how many hours I drive through it, it never loses it's appeal - it's just beautiful.  

We stopped at this lovely gorge around 1pm and did a little exploring.  Lachlan loved going across the bridges and was very energetic and adventurous.  Hayden was not enthusiastic and Natalie was particularly upset about having to get out of the car.  But after initial teething problems we had a nice time here on the suspension bridges and going through this pitch-black tunnel.  Hayden was not one little bit impressed about that discovery and was surprisingly very worried about going through it and did not enjoy it at all.  It was incredibly long and while we thought we could walk quickly to the other end, we didn't actually make it. 

Lachlan and Natalie thought it was marvellous, but Elliot did have to put Nat on his shoulders for most of the walk...  Lachlan is becoming quite the adventurer and is getting very confident.  We had a nice hot lunch in a quaint cafe across the road nestled in the mountainside.  The owners had a number of sleepy cats and the kids had a great time patting them while we warmed up and refueled. 

A very narrow car bridge...

A toilet stop enroute to Rotorua.  An info centre and toilet block in a sheepdog shape was pretty fun in Tirau.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The birthday continues

It was a mammoth day.  It seems like we have nothing on for weeks and everything on the same day!
After breakfast of croissants we headed to the skate park to try out the new scooter.  

Next it was off to Hot Shots - tennis where we go with the kids each Saturday for some skills and fun.  And then we moved onto the Rodeo!  It was great fun and Hayden was particularly interested.  Some of those bulls were pretty fierce!  

After the Rodeo we went into Emerald for a Faith in God activity and then finally home to enjoy his presents.  Here's his birthday lego built all by himself.

Birthday dinner (looking very tired!) with requested chocolate self-saucing pudding for dessert.

Happy Birthday Lachlan.  We love you very very much!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Lachlan

Birthday morning presents.  Receiving a new Captain Underpants book

New headphones

A new tennis racquet.  Lachlan is really into tennis and progressing well.  

Thanks to Auntie Paula and Uncle Darren and Lucy for some birthday spending money!

And a special parcel arrived just in time from Nana and Pop!  We had a game on Sunday afternoon and it was great fun.

And last but not least, a new scooter!

Happy Birthday Lachlan!  What a wonderful 9 years it's been!

Lachlan is NINE!!!!

To celebrate Lachlan had a "Minute to Win It" party.

The first game was "Face the Cookie"

Wrap It Up

Stick It
In this one the kids had to bounce ping pongs to land on the honey-covered bread.  Each person had to get 3 on their bread in one minute.

Separation Anxiety

Wiggle It

Noodling Around

We also played Breakfast Scramble (piecing together a cereal box puzzle) and This Blows (blowing a cup across the table 3 times)
We had hotdogs and flavoured milk then it was cake time.  In Emerald there is a bmx track the boys love and Lachlan asked for a dirt-track cake!  (Next year I will be drawing the line at any more jump related cakes...)

Hayden's 7th Birthday

Hayden opening new headphones. 

Trying on a special loom band made by Lachlan especially for his birthday.

Hayden receiving something I think will make his day...

Showing off new hat, shorts and 'sick' scooter (as described by his peers)

Big thanks to Nana and Pop for a special birthday parcel.  Hayden was able to make this lego by himself with just one little adjustment from Mum.  

Trying out his moves at the Capella skate park on his birthday.

It was a party year this year but I failed miserably at getting photos.  Hayden had a jumping castle and we invited friends from his class plus the neighbours on both sides which, including siblings, created quite a large group!  Hayden chose a skate park cake.  I tried to model it off our own skate park here in Capella.  It turned out OK.  

Hayden asked to do the Macarena and they all had a blast but I missed a photo when they were all there.  

Here is the little dancer a bit wild after his party.