Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A day of MAJOR blessings!!

I misplaced my purse on Saturday - that is to say, I bought some groceries with it on Saturday afternoon and came home and then couldn't find it on Monday when I went to get some more groceries! After a few topsy-turvy searches I had to conclude that I had in fact lost it or at least left it somewhere.
So I rang Woolies with no luck and while I was still fairly certain in my head that it was somewhere in the house, I was beginning to see that I could have left it in the trolley.

So today, after racing out to put the rubbish bin on the kerb as some unearthly hour, I collect the mail and each envelope had me in further shock!

First was a letter from centre management at Woolworths telling me they had an item belonging to me. Read: My purse! Yipppeeee!!!

Next came a letter each to Elliot and I from our accountant - these are always opened with trepidation but ALAS!!!! For the first time in..... I can't even remember..... we had both got a tax refund! One was a fairly hefty cheque. WOW!

And then I opened the last envelope from the Family Tax office. After finally lodging our 2009 tax return they were paying us another hefty refund for our family assistance!

What a glorious experience it was to go into the bank and bank those cheques today!

And the last blessing arrived in the mail just now. Lachlan has been confirmed enrolment at my preferred school of choice. It's a lovely lovely school and just around the corner and he will just love it!

So, blessings do come, and I am extremely grateful for each of them. There a few bills due in the next couple of weeks such as car insurance and rego and next term's kindy fees so the money has come at a brilliant time. We can also have a little treat in Melbourne next month too!

The day is not over....... hopefully some luck is headed your way too!


  1. Yay for you Bev! I love unexpected cash. Blessings!!!

  2. Thats great news! That would have turned your day right around!

  3. Brilliant Bev!! Must have made your WEEK!!!! Awesome blessing!!! xxx

  4. Thats awesome news. Love it when things go your way :)

  5. That is fantastic!! Don't you love it when things like that happen (especially when it involves unexpected money :)xo