Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been totally.... IRRESPONSIBLE!

I was just reading a recent entry - the one where I bemoaned the fact that I never see my husband and have too much responsibility. Btw Elliot had his last exam today! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Tomorrow we have a date with the garden! Joy.

Anyway, back to the post in hand. Yesterday was Sunday. The Sabbath. A day we rest from our labours and treat as sacred and different to all other days.
There was a youth fireside at Cleveland stake centre last night. As I drove home from church at 4.30pm in the afternoon and pulled into the drive, what should pop up? The petrol light. No, there was not going to be enough petrol to make the hour's round trip.

So apparently I am not as responsible as I thought. (Well, truth be told, I don't think I am responsible, so I will rephrase: Not as responsible as I should be.)


  1. ha! i told ken he needed to get a ride to cleveland for priesthood as I didnt think we had enough petrol. But as usual he ended up driving 5 people! saying 'it'll be fine' boy was he embarrassed when they ran out of petrol and had to buy some!! and none of the men had money with them (they said its sunday, i dont carry my wallet!! dah!!) and he had to borrow $10 off his mum!!! ba ha ahahh lucky they were near her house! ha hahahhah

    poor thing first time he has purchased on a sunday ever i think...

  2. We always seem to run out of milk on Sundays, I dont know why. We have storage stuff but baby doesn't like it much....poor bubba

  3. I've never broken down on a sunday when the fuel light is on... i call it my tithing blessing.