Monday, November 8, 2010

New uniforms!

I just read this entry over at "This girls loves to talk". I absolutely love her blog - it's so inspiring, funny, REAL. I can't get enough of her witty writing and deep-analysing take on life!

This quote gave me a really good chuckle:

I'm grateful my children always need new shoes, piano books, prescriptions, haircuts, fieldtrips, tuition and food. That way I don't have to waste my time thinking about a new sofa. It's difficult to get wealthy and think about luxuries when you have to buy toilet paper and milk by the truckload each week. ~ Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard

It is SO true!!! This week I would like to buy new bedside tables but I'm buying school uniforms tomorrow instead. It is a kinda exciting purchase though........ first child off to school!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New addition to the family!

It arrived a little earlier than expected..... but we are so pleased with it!

2 weeks ago Elliot attended the auctions over at Zillmere and came home with a car! Our current Mazda Protege won't accomodate a third carseat so we had to upgrade.
Now initially, when I thought 'upgrade' I had high hopes of a Prado.
But it is inevitable that my sensible side will always shine through and those dreamy thoughts lasted about, oh, 3 hours.

So we bought a car that will fit 3 carseats across the back, without going into ANY debt.
This is my blog so I can gloat here.
This is in fact the 2nd time we have done this.
Our first family car which we had to purchase because baby #1 wouldn't fit in the ute, was also purchased without debt. (Prior to this we had always had a car care of Elliot's company!)

It was a little depressing to see our savings account dramatically decrease in one lump sum.

But then I thought ' hey, I'm a glass half-full gal' and realised a few things.

I'm grateful that I was taught self-sufficiency.
I'm grateful that I can happily live within my means. (We have never had a credit card!! And a student's budget is a little tight but we have managed and haven't gone without.)
I'm grateful for a husband who is not a spender either. We have been perfect for each other :)
I'm SOOOO grateful that we put our 'windfalls' aside when they came our way instead of indulging ourselves in some added luxury.

So we don't drive a new car.

And we haven't reached this dream

We don't have the latest technology (though Elliot really really REALLY wants some)

Nor will I be getting this (though I dearly dearly want one!!!)
But....... I have EVERYTHING I need.

My family.
My health.
A roof over our heads.
Food on the table.
Happiness. Joy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Tradition #1

We recently had a discussion at Relief Society about Christmas traditions. And I couldn't remember any that we do except for the advent calendar. I kept racking my brain thinking "we do have traditions.... what are they???"
Luckily I've remembered before the Christmas season is over!

Here's the first one of the season. I started it with Lachlan when he was about 2. Each year the kids choose a new decoration for our Christmas tree. Some years I have given them some guidelines like a colour scheme, or a particular shape I wanted. I know, I'm a little controlling like that! Now that the tree is a bit fuller I figured it didn't matter quite so much so I gave them free reign in Big W.

Oh boy, it was a little bit traumatic. Who knew it was so difficult to choose just one decoration. The boys changed their minds SO many times.
Towards the end of our shopping when I was hurrying them along, another young mum in the aisle commented to me "go home - you look tired". Gee, thanks! Guess I should have worn some makeup that day!!!!

Anywhooooo.................. here's their 2010 choices:

Planning to put our Christmas tree up on the 14th or 21st November. Maybe......

When do you put yours up?