Thursday, June 24, 2010


This week we went to SEAWORLD!! When we left Brisbane it was a miserable, grey, rather rainy day. It looked like the rain had set in for the week. But it was the only day we could go and the Gold Coast weather forecast suggested that there would just be the odd shower there. So we forged on and as we neared the Gold Coast - blue skies! It was dry and was looking good.

The Gold Coast weather forecasters got it right and it was a day of intermittent showers and sunshine but it didn't stop us from enjoying everything. For the most part we avoided the rain, managing to be sitting in a show at the time of 2 huge downpours.

Seaworld has lots of animals on offer and lots to see and do but to be honest, the kids' rides were rather disappointing. There was only 4 rides - one not working due to the rain and another seemed to be under maintenance. They were a little lame, and an adult had to go on all but one ride with the boys because they were under the height limit. That said, the boys thought they were great and as it was a nice quiet day, we got to have several turns on each one. I would hate to go on a very busy summer's day as each ride only takes about 6-8 kids (because each has an accompanying adult sitting behind!)

Lachlan was just tall enough to go on the Log Ride and Bermuda Triangle accompanied by an adult. He was very brave on these and did enjoy them despite the scariness of the Bermuda.

Overall it was a great day and a lovely way to start Elliot's holidays from uni. Lachlan keeps talking about and all his favourite parts and planning his next trip! (We won't be rushing back though....)

SeaLion Show
Dolphin Cove
Vikings Flume
The Bird Bird Bounce
Sesame Street Show
"Little Penquins" Exhibit
Tight squeeze on the Aeroplanes


  1. I am impressed that Lachlan was brave enough for the Bermuda Triangle. My hubby took our 3 year old on it and he was covering his ears and eyes the whole time. Then he wouldn't stop reminding us that he had been taken on the scary boat ride long after the event. It was pretty funny actually. I have to admit we had no idea what was inside the bermuda triangle but I think its aliens right???

  2. They look so SMALL sitting in between those two big girls!!!! So so cute!!! So - would you recommend it? :) Great to know you guys didn't get rain all day - I so wanted to sms you and see how miserable you were but didn't want to make you more miserable if you already were miserable with the weather!!! hehehehe Happy times! xxx

  3. I'm glad you had a great time! Your pictures and posts gave me smiles, thank you! :) Did you go on the rides too?


  4. So fun! I loved Sea World when I was a kid :)

    (And I still kinda love it now too lol!)

    xo Tammy

  5. Hi Bev :) Where are you? Having lots of fun in life, I hope :)