Thursday, June 3, 2010

The end is nearing!!!!!!!!!

A big shout out to my wonderful husband who handed in his LAST assignment for his first semester today! YAY!!!

Just 5 more exams to go. You can do it darling. I am so proud of how well he's done. He's acing it! But then, we always knew he would :S


  1. I dont know what it is about mature age students (the lack of partying, drinking, hanging out with friends?) but they nearly ALWAYS do better.

    When I was at uni there was a middle aged mum there who still had to look after her kids drop them at school and cook etc and she nearly ALWAYS got better marks than us!! At the time I used to question WHY!!!! (she didnt seem a very smart person lets say)

    but maybe you just get better at multitasking and I found in most cases (there were about 4 mature age students in my small class) they had enough GUTS to talk to the proffessors, and chat with them and visit their offices etc which I would never do!

    anyway long note for why I think Elliot will do great!! plus once you find what you want to do it makes it easier to get good marks. I think of my dad who failed heaps of stuff at primary school etc was one of top of class at university to become a nurse!

  2. Well done Elliot! And you too Bev, because it can be quite a challenge to proof-read assignments etc while keeping the kids entertained.

    Woohoo Uni break just around the corner!!

  3. YAY for Elliot!!! So so awesome!!! I really hope you two get to have some quality time together now that the ick part is mostly over!!! yay yay yay!! xxx

  4. Congratulations to you both for pulling off Elliot's first semester of university together. Its not always an easy road to change your lifestyle and direction but I know you'll be blessed. Do your the boys talk about Daddy going to school, ours do its kinda cute.