Monday, May 30, 2011

I get the award

Today I hereby present myself with the award for the worst mother.

Lachlan, who is nearly 6, is sick. He has a cold - constant runny nose, watery eyes, chesty cough, sneezing repeatedly, sore throat, mucus, did I mention the runny nose?

So he stayed home from church on Sunday and from school on Monday. He was ok in the morning on Monday but as the afternoon wore on he became warmer and more miserable and so he took himself off and laid on Hayden's bed. He went to sleep and the next I knew it was 5pm and he was standing behind me in the kitchen concerned about the regurgitated peanut butter sandwich which was all down his sleeve.
Here is where I can praise my mothering. I was lovely. Comfort, calmness, love, hugs. You name it I did it. So long story short he skipped dinner, had a shower, and got ready for bed.
While choosing his book for bed, he vomited again. New pj's, rug removed from the bedroom.
Take 2. All good. Asleep within secs of being tucked in!

At 11pm I was brushing my teeth when I hear "Mum! Help! Mum!" I rush in and catch the second lot of vomit. New pj's. New sheets. Toilet trip. Drink. Asleep again within secs.

Phew! I thought. That will the last. There's nothing left in the poor kid's stomach.

At 3.30am I heard footsteps to the toilet and was about to get up when I heard Elliot's voice asking Lachlan if he was ok. Great, I think, he's got it covered I'll stay here. Poor Lachlan does his business then has to vomit again. Poor kid :(
Elliot came back at 3.45am and I was suddenly having visuals of Natalie lying in a pool of vomit so I had to then get up and go and check on her. Sleeping peacefully.

Anyway, I thought Lachlan had done ok only getting up once in the night. I thought he must have had a reasonably settled night.

But not so. Talking to Elliot this morning I became aware of my failure as a loving mother.

After the 11pm ordeal there was the 12.30am. Then the 3.30am one (which I was aware of) and then apparently another ordeal at 5am.

Yes. I slept through it all. I was not aware AT ALL.

So I hope you all feel better about your day now knowing that there is a worse mother than you out there.

ME. I sleep through my poor sick child emptying his stomach repeatedly.
Who does that? I feel dreadful. But thankfully he has a BRILLIANT dad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still alive

I've been absent a little lately - anyone missed me?

I'll be back in the blogging world soon.....

In the meantime go check out this girl's fun new blog for some domestic inspiration!