Sunday, June 15, 2014

Natalie Lately

A little while ago Natalie got hooked on this firefighter dressup.  She dressed up and I had to call her on the phone telling her of the emergency.  She was excellent at putting out lots of fires around the neighbourhood!  Here she is rescuing a Puppy who got stuck in this tree.  

 An excellent firefighter must always be sure to never forget their pink handbag!

Our resident superhero.

We went to the high school's 30th Anniversary celebrations and enjoyed some great facepainting.  Here is Rainbow Princess (who was not at all happy about having it washed off for church the next day...)

She is fiercely independent and very strong-willed.  She is a very happy girl and pretty easy-going!  She loves the camera too.  As soon it comes out she poses and yells cheeeeese!

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