Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Capella Show

May was the Capella Show.  We all entered items into the Pavilion (except Elliot who has no talents).  I missed getting photos of out entries.  But Lachlan entered a lego creation and baked a chocolate cake all by himself.  It was excellent!  Judging was done appearance only or I'm sure Lachlan would have won!  Hayden made a paper aeroplane, which gained 3rd place earning $1 and he also made some pikelets by himself.  Natalie entered a couple of paintings and a egg carton caterpillar, which won 2nd place earning her $2.  I entered a carrot cake, some cookies and some scrapbooking pages.  It was all a good bit of fun!
We spent a while checking out all the entries then hit some rides.

This was the boys' favourite and sure looked a lot of fun

This was a serious jumping castle and had a very cool (but rather steep) slide.  Natalie was a little apprehensive once she got to the top and realised how high up she was.  Daddy to the rescue!

We saw some cattle and show jumping and had a great time at the woodcutting but I missed photos there.
We ended the evening with some dinner and front-row seats for some spectacular fireworks.  It was a great day out and we look forward to year's show.

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  1. Haha except Elliot who has no talents!! Would have loved to check out your scrapbooking pages!!