Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Achievement

This kid is HARD WORK, lots and lots of fun, full of beans and has bucketloads of spunk.  He is loved by everyone who meets him but he sure is emotionally exhausting at times.  This week we had a big achievement.  Today he was awarded Student of the Week on assembly for his efforts last week.  Hayden pushes the boundaries, he mostly cannot sit still and likes to move and sing and bounce and talk CONSTANTLY!!  This year he has a marvellous teacher who manages him very well and works really hard with him.  He is slowly learning to control himself.  Though to be honest I think he'll always be a fidgeter and full of energy.
Last week, his behaviour was impeccable and he did not have to go to time out once!  Each day he reported proudly about his behaviour to me.  He played down the accolades today but deep down I know he was proud of himself too!  Love you to bits Hayden!

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