Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moving on....

2 weeks ago (can't believe it's that long ago) we said goodbye to our Brisbane life!  I've lived in Brisbane for 29 years, with 12 of those in the Coorparoo / Mt Gravatt area.  Moving to "the Bush" is going to be a big change, but we are super excited for our adventures ahead.

Lachlan's class in Holland Park ward.  There's a couple missing here.

Natalie's Sunbeams class in Holland Park ward.  Hayden was being uncooperative so there's no photo of his class :(

The kids went to Nanna and Pop's while we watched the packers box up our house.  Actually, I got to do a few bits of packing to feel useful.  Then I started the cleaning...

Here's some of the boxes awaiting the removalists the next day.  A funny note: on our estimation of boxes we had previously said there would be about 10 boxes from the kitchen.  There was in fact 22 boxes just from the kitchen!  

It got a little hairy for a while, but these masterful packers managed to squeeze it all in. 

Goodbye Blaine St.  We've lived in this house for 6.5 years and it has been a great house for us.  There are lots of great memories in this house.  

  • We brought our second child home to this house
  • Elliot walked to uni  1km from here every day
  • Lachlan started kindy at Mt Gravatt
  • We brought home a little sister here
  • Lachlan started Prep at Marshall Rd State School
  • Grandpa injured his shoulder requiring surgery after a fall on our path
  • Lachlan and Hayden both learned to ride bikes in the top of the street outside our house
  • Hayden started kindy at Hollaand Park kindy
  • Hayden started Prep at Marshall Rd State School
  • We've all had 6 birthdays (bar Natalie) at this house and 7 Christmases celebrated here
  • There's been numerous milestones achieved here.  As I looked around the house I could remember places where funny things had happened - Hayden trying to bungee jump off our porch, Lachlan driving his little "big red" wiggles car around the courtyard and learning to talk in his cute little voice, Natalie lying on her blanket in the loungeroom with her brothers fawning all over her - memories in every room.  It's the end of an era - a new beginning and a new career!

Finally the big day arrived!  The kids were very excited to be going to their new home.  

Natalie enjoyed her first flight.  She went to the toilet 3 times, ate lots of lollies and only whinged a little.
The boys sat in front of us and were well entertained with their electronics.  Lachlan was a little worried but soon felt happier after take-off.

They were extremely happy to see their Daddy at Emerald airport and deliriously happy to see their new house.  An update on that coming soon.  We were not so happy about the oppressive heat that met us.  Ugh! 

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