Sunday, June 2, 2013

I can do hard things

During the week I was inwardly bemoaning to myself.  Complaining about some fairly insignificant thing and beginning to feel that familiar bad mood float into my horizon.  Then 2 things came into my mind.  The first being something I'd reread in a notebook from a presentation by Glenn Oosthuysen: it's up to me. And I can choose.  (It's all about mindset and attitude and choosing between I have to and I want to....)  The second was a talk by Sister Dalton with a strong message of "I can do hard things".
Some situations are easier than others to just tell yourself to snap out of it and quit complaining.  But there is a lot to be said for the inner voice and the conversation we have in our heads.


That day as I contemplated "doing hard things" I felt an overwhelming gratitude that I can indeed do hard things.  One thing I love about my church is that we are given bountiful opportunities to do hard things.  And what is more remarkable is that the help seems to miraculously arrive through those around me and a loving Heavenly Father.
I can do hard things and this week I will aim to enjoy it.  (But I will readily admit that the hard things on my list this week are really just first world problems :)

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