Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to School

The kids were excited to be heading back to school.  On Sunday afternoon, Natalie dressed up in Hayden's school clothes and got herself all ready for school.  She knows just what is needed!

Monday night we had a back to school dinner with a couple of special treats - soft drink with dinner and pavlova cups for dessert.

Tuesday morning the boys woke even earlier than usual and were dressed for school before 6am!  They were so excited!!  Let's hope that enthusiasm and excitement for school continues, though we could do without the sub 5am wake-up...

 Hayden is in a grade 1 class with the loveliest teacher.  Miss Sutton is just delightful - imagine your ideal early years teacher and she is it!  She's just young and this is her second year at Capella.  They do activities with the Prep/1 class and there is an equally lovely teacher in there (whom, incidentally we kicked out of this house:( But she is just an older version of Miss Sutton).  I am very excited for Hayden to have such a great teacher.

Lachlan is in Grade 3 with Miss Kemp.  She is another young teacher who came to Capella a year ago too.  She is so softly spoken and quiet and seems really nice.  Lachlan was really pleased with her and reported at the end of the day, "she doesn't yell at all!" 

Both boys had an excellent first day.  Miss Sutton was pleased to report that Hayden had earned 2 stickers and had mingled well.  Lachlan played games with the Chappy and some other kids at lunchtime but couldn't remember anybody's name.  

Some different things at Capella State School:

  • They have "Brain Break" at about 10am where they take a quick break from lessons to eat a small piece of fruit / vegetable in the classroom and go to the toilet.  Then it's back to lessons.They play first and then eat at both lunch breaks.  The boys seemed to enjoy this.
  • There is no playing before or after school.  Anyone at school before 8.30am sits very orderly under the covered area.  When the bell goes at 8.30am everyone puts their bags in racks and sits in lines outside their respective classroom.  There is a rule of no playing on the playgrounds both before and after school.  We used to stay on the playground till about 3.45 at Marshall Rd State School...

It was Elliot's first day at school too! Here he is coming home from his day.  It seemed to go well after he managed to sort out a technical glitch of his computer not working.  He is a power point king so this was kind of vital.  Well done Elliot!  

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