Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's your time?

I've always been a clock watcher. Always. Ever since I can remember.
I used to have to do a certain amount of practice on the piano. Oh how it was the slowest 30mins of my life sometimes. I used to have a timer set on the piano so I didn't have to do a minute longer than the required time.

I have to know the time. If I forget to wear my watch when I go out, it's a nightmare. (I'm a nightmare to the people around me.) I need to know the time all the time.

I hate to be late. It stresses me out. I hate people being late for me. It really annoys me.

For quite some time I've had an awful feeling that I use one particular phrase with my kids too much.

Hurry Up.

Usually said with a slightly higher-pitched tone than normal and with rather a lot of gusto.
Do this, do that, hurry up.
Come on, we're late. Hurry up.
If you don't hurry up, we'll be late.
I think you get the idea.......

I came to the realisation several months ago that it was getting too bad and that I needed to do something about it. I made vague attempts in my mind to rectify the situation but I will admit that the efforts were poor and nothing has really changed, except to maybe get a lot worse.

Why does it take a serious situation to really bring about change? (Well, let's hope it's the start of a change.) Thursday morning was "one of those days". A shocker. I won't go into details but suffice it to say I threw a major tantrum and it was NOT pretty. There's been plenty of trantrums from me in the past but this was probably the worst.
To be fair, it wasn't totally the clock's fault in this instance. But this girl's awesome post was written for me. (Actually, after she commented on my facebook vent I do think she wrote this post especially to inspire me. ;) )
I blame my kids for my stressing and high feeling of harassment when I'm trying to get out the door 'on time'. Which is totally crazy. I have several choices in the situation.
So tomorrow starts another new week of routines and 'life'. And tomorrow starts my new regime of choice.
I don't think I'll ever be cured of my watching the clock - I need routines and schedules - I'm just that kind of person. But I will stop blaming the fast-moving clock on the kids.
Really. The only person to blame for the shouting and lateness is ME.

Getting 3 children plus myself out the door is hard. But I can do hard things. And I can do them quietly.

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  1. I too hate being late. In fact I'm nearly always annoyingly early and sometimes sit in my car so as not to turn up to someones house too early.

    The thing that has worked for me the last 10 years is that I say school starts at 8:30. When we lived half hour from the chapel I always said in my mind that we must be ready for church by 8am. Now I live 5 mins from the chapel (but as the librarian need to be there by 8:30) this STILL works for me!! I know it seems silly but I have convinced myself of these two things and we have never been late for church or school.

    but that said. You have a newborn, the teachers wont mind :)Holly's post said it all.