Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes I forget I have a baby.......

Natalie does a LOT of this:

I even have to wake her up for feeds during the day. She will just sleep and sleep and sleep.
We had a very rocky period in the evenings between weeks 2 and 5 when she was really unsettled and wouldn't sleep for hours but she finally 'got it' and sleeps perfectly at nighttime too now. She goes down for sleeps day and night without any fuss.
She IS the dream baby!
(And then in my head I have the good baby, good mother debate!!!) I won't get on my soapbox there but I think there's a combination of both. A lot of it is her personality and a little bit of it was my hard work.

I think each baby I've had has been easier. I put it down to being calmer and knowing what I'm doing a little better as time goes on. It's such a huge learning curve with the first.
Anyway, she's super cute (in our eyes) so here's a few photos to update you.


  1. These eyes think she's super cute as well! Agree wih you on the calmer thing, first time round is intense to say the least.

  2. It's been almost nineteen years since I had a new baby to care for, and still I felt the smallest pang of combined jealousy and wonder when I read that 'Natalie does a LOT of this'...! :) If it is all due to the 'good mother' side of the debate, then I can only feel sorry for our seven, many of whom screamed for the first few months with colic :)
    (Oh well, I imagine one or two of them got me back for it later :)

    Adorable pictures Bev! She looks beautifully healthy and happy. I'm so glad all is going so well for you! It's easy to see that you are doing a great job as a mother to your little brood :)

  3. No, no, no Sandy! It is NOT all me. It's all her and just a little bit of me. And colic doesn't count. We all know nothing stops that. (I think I burned huge amounts of calories pacing the halls for hours at a time with baby #1....)
    No, just totally lucky this time around ;)

  4. There are not many things I find cuter than little babies all wrapped up like little burritos :) and I agree that as we have more babies we do get a whole lot calmer {most the time ;)


  5. Haha - Please don't worry on my account Bev, - I can't help but feel wonder when I see a baby that sleeps like this! And gladness that it's working so well for you all :)
    Having screaming babies did give me some other wonderful experiences actually - I came to know and be so grateful for some of the gifts that Heavenly Father blesses mothers with, as they need them. No matter how tired I was, or how late the hour, there was not once that I felt anything other than love and care for our little ones. That kind of incredible patience seemed to come directly as a blessing from above - certainly from outside myself. So we were ok :)
    I don't think it's just luck either. Maybe you were deserving, and Heavenly Father wanted to bless you. I think that can happen too :)