Monday, March 14, 2011

What will I choose?

Isn't choice a wonderful thing?
In light of my recent daily experiences and one particular 'light bulb' moment, I have reflected on my ability to choose.
I feel extremely grateful that I have so many choices that I can make each day. I have enough clothes that I can choose what I'll wear to school this afternoon to pick up Lachlan. I live in a developed country which allows me to be able to choose what I'll make for dinner tonight. (Now if I could just think what that should be.....) Thankfully, the same country also allows me to choose my religion and worship freely.

Yesterday I woke up and made the choice to be happy. And I had an awesome day.
I chose to ignore the filthy floors and play with Hayden instead of vacuum. It was so fun!
I chose to calmly go about the morning routine and not worry about the fact that I had asked the boys about 7 times to get their shoes on - they were nicely chatting to their baby sister on the mat so I lovingly helped them with their shoes instead. Sitting there as a family provided a moment of real happiness. We all shared a little joke together and laughed.
I chose to enjoy the time I was privileged enough to have with my children yesterday. And we were all happier!

Sounds like pretty 'no-brainer' choices huh? Like, why wouldn't you want to play with your kids???
But sometimes this mothering caper is so busy and overwhelming that I need to make conscious choices to enjoy it. And boy, it feels awesome!!!


  1. thanks for this one Bev, I will try harder tomorrow to do bad day doesn't have to mean two does it!! xo

  2. its a no brainer that I get wrong all.the.time.

    As I've blogged about - sitting and doing nothing
    = and my children behave. If only we didnt have to clean and feed everyone.

  3. What a lovely post Bev! Well done! :)
    There seems to be a real skill in not only making the right choice in any situation, but then always being happy and peaceful about the choice you made.. What messes it up are the choices others make that we don't like! A 'light-bulb' moment for me was realising that I have absolutely no power over the choices of others - but that I always do have power over my own choices. It does sound like a no-brainer, doesn't it? I wish that made it always easy to get it right - but, you know, I'm trying :) It's good to read about your thoughts and experiences, and your happy day, thank you!