Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 is company

Tonight I have the privilege (read trauma) of attending a youth church dance. *yawn* 4 hours of sitting and waiting and watching that your youth don't get up to any mischief. Thankfully my girls are angels and that isn't a problem ;)

As a youth, I hated dancing. I loved going to the dances and socializing but i hated the 'dancing' part. Because I can. not. dance. I felt self-conscious and dumb. I also grew to hate the feeling of turning up at a youth activity or dance on my own and then desperately scanning the room trying to recognise and locate someone I knew within 10secs of entering the doorway. And then there was the traumatic experiences of not being asked to dance in the 'slow songs'.

Elliot and I often remark to each other about how glad we are to be married. Because we don't have to go to dances and activities and try to socialize and do the whole 'dating thing'.
A major perk of being married is always having someone to take to a party. At least I'll have one person to talk to ;-) And for that I will be forever grateful.
I'm so glad I found Elliot - he's not perfect but he's perfect for me!


  1. Marrying your best friend is great isn't it! I think we all felt that way Bev, whilst we all miss our figures from this time in our lives most of us don't miss the uncertainty, awkwardness and tendency to feel selfconscious.