Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Real School-Kid Now!!

Today is the beginning of the end! The end of leisurely mornings. The end of staying in our pj's till lunchtime. The end of spending long summer days at the pool without hoards of people. The end of winter days spent at the park. The end of 2 little boys searching out various adventures and treasures of Brisbane.

Today Lachlan started Prep!

Oh, he was excited. He was happy.
He wasn't nervous or worried or sad.

Our little boy is growing up and he'll have a myriad of adventures in the Marshall Rd school grounds. There's letters to become acquainted with, numbers to discover, playgrounds to be explored, books to be unveiled, children to play with and chances to grow will be plentiful!

As with any change, having your first child start school has a long list of pros and cons. But we will embrace the change. As the playschool song goes:
"Changes, changes everywhere,
but if you sit and stare,
You'll stay the same."

And how boring that would be! So 2011, here we come! I just wish this change didn't involve waking the baby morning and afternoon.....

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  1. What a handsome boy! I always find it hard not to get sentimental about their baby days having passed. I cried in front of the principal last year.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think it's time you invested in some lovely bedroom furniture too! Sounds like it's getting urgent ;-)