Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a new year!

I have just 2 goals for 2011.

1: To have dinner organised and cooked before I pick up Lachlan from school. This must include cutting up the vegies and having them ready for cooking.

2: To be calm. (Just a little thing..... lol)


  1. oh I love love cooking dinner early. I swear by it. I sometimes get annoyed if dinner is one that I cant prepare early (like alot of the dinners so far this year as we are doing CSIRO total wellbeing diet to help ken lose weight)

    As we have been down to one nap days for a long time now I usually make dinner around lunch time/afternoon. It is the best.

    Go bev you can do it....

    I've got no advice on the calm thing.. mwah ha hah ha

  2. "keep calm and carry on" aaahhh sigh - the mantra for every mother....yes?? :)

    And I agree with Bobbie, cooking dinner early makes SUCH a big difference to the afternoons!!