Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our package has arrived!


Natalie Ada Cowan

Labour started with really irregular contractions at about 1pm on Monday 27th. Contractions were about 2minutes apart at 4.45pm so we arranged to meet the midwife at the hospital at 5.45pm. When we got there, things had slowed a little and upon examination I was deemed only 3cm dilated. That was depressing and I asked about going home, but we decided to hang around for an hour and see what happened. Thankfully, things got going quickly and within the hour I was wanting to push. An hour and a half after arrival, our little Miss arrived. Born at 7.35pm the 27th December 2010.

She weighed in at 3.72kgs, 51cm long and her head measured 35cm. She came out with her hand out beside her head so I tore a tiny bit. Seems she has been practicing sucking her hand for many months.

This is my fab midwife Nicky. (If you're planning a baby and live near the Mater, you must request to be in the Midwifery Group Practice. It is fantastic and gives you the best care you could possibly ask for. I could write a whole post on how incredibly beneficial it is to have your own midwife, but I'll save you the boredom.)

Hanging out in the birth suite waiting to go home. We had to stay to be monitored till 12am. That was so boring and tiring but worth it once I hit the comfort of my own bed. And nothing beats sleeping in till 8.30am on the first morning of life with a newborn!! I wouldn't have been able to do that in the postnatal ward. Thankyou Nanna and Pop for having the boys.

We are all doing great. The boys are in love with their sister. Aren't newborns just so lovely?! It is just beautiful to hold a new precious little soul and to be in care of her.


  1. Awwww Bev - these photo's are adorable!!!! I'm all teary looking at them, she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Such gorgeous photo's! And yes, nothing beats the magicalness of a new born. So so happy for you all and hope you have the best time with your little wonderful family! xxx xxx xxx from the Francis family.

  2. Oh its all so lovely.... she's lovely. Congratulations on a beautiful baby and managing to make me feel extremely clucky.

    well done bev

  3. Congratulations. Sounds like you had great care for sucha cute little girl.

  4. What wonderful news! Warmest congratulations on Natalie's safe arrival. She looks absolutely delightful.

  5. Congratulations!!! She looks beautiful!! That's so fun for the boys to have a baby sister to be in love with :) Have a wonderful time with your newborn :) And you look beautiful xo

  6. Congratulations Bev!! She is LOVELY!! And yes, newborns ARE wonderful! There's nothing quite like a new baby in the home with everyone smothering them with love!! Beautiful!!

    Hope you're getting some rest :)