Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just the 4 of us....

Christmas 2010
There were 4 of us.

It was quiet. It was relaxed.
It was lovely.


  1. dont worry bev. Atleast it didnt come on christmas day! You'll be glad that their birthday falls after christmas when you are relaxing each year. Even thought being a chrismtas baby wouldnt be too bad the siblings would not be happy when christmas is put back a few hours to allow their sister to have a birthday :)

    though it would have been sweet to hold a little baby on christmas day. Remind us what it is all about. xx

    hope she arrives soon. A late chrismtas present. so sweet.

  2. Oh, I'm very happy she didn't end up coming! All along I'd said she needed to arrive by the 23rd and then she needed to wait till the 27th! Otherwise it just sucks having your birthday so close to Christmas. This way, there's a few days break and she can have a proper celebration instead of feeling like she hasn't had a birthday at all.

    The annoying part was the waiting and the not knowing. We decided not to travel up to Caloundra to be with my family yesterday as we had planned, because you just never know. 2 years ago there was an accident on the Bruce Highway and it took us 2 and a bit hours to get there for Christmas lunch. If I was trying to get back to Brisbane while in labour and that had happened, we would have been in real trouble! So we thought the best thing was just to stay home. And we had a GREAT day. It was really nice to relax and not have to get food ready or get somewhere by a certain time. The boys go to play unhurried with their new toys. We unwrapped presents slowly and enjoyed each one instead of ripping through them in 10mins flat. Then we rode bikes down along Kangaroo Point. It was just a really delightful day and just what I needed.

    I cried and cried early in the week but by Friday I was at peace. Christmas is family. It's making memories. It's laughing. It's enjoying smiles and hugs. I had all of that yesterday and Christmas was perfect!

  3. YAY for quiet christmas'. We had a quiet christmas morning and it was utter bliss. And as for miss natalie.... being born on December 27th aint to bad. I've endured.... opps i mean enjoyed it for 28 years now. Welcome to the world sweet little girl!