Saturday, December 18, 2010


So for the last month or so I have totally convinced myself that this baby girl WILL arrive a couple of days early. Or on the due date....... and will definitely be here BEFORE Christmas. There was never any doubt in my mind. I've told everyone the other two were 2 days over and 3 days early. I'll be fine. We'll be holding her in our arms a few days before Christmas.

But as my to-do list is (mostly) done, Christmas presents are all organised and wrapped, the house is clean, and I'm mentally ready to welcome baby into the world, I'm suddenly panicked.

I have a horrible feeling she is just not going to conform. She may well be late. She may even miss Christmas. What the heck will I do with the little Christmas dress that is all ready for her to wear on Christmas Day???

I think all those labour-inducing myths are just that. Babies come when they want to and nothing will hurry them along. However, come 9pm the 23rd of December I may be thinking differently......

So, as Hayden has been yelling at my stomach all week: "Come on Baby. It's time to come out!"


  1. come on baby! we need you for the christmas nativity play!! :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, it's public now, I even have a button you can pop onto your blog if you're that kind of girl :-)

    Best wishes for a calm, empowering labour and birth!

    PS Have Elliot give your achilles tendon a good long firm massage (20 mins each)that truly helps get contractions going. Do it as often as possible, you can even do it your self sitting with your ankle resting on top of your knee.

  3. That sounds very familiar. I truely freaked out waiting for Grayson.
    Whenever she does come, good luck! x

  4. hehehehe - awesome post Bev - gave a good hearty chuckle! And you're so right - kids do whatever the hell they want! hehehe. Feeling your pain this week and hoping and praying baby comes TOMORROW!!!! Lots and lots of hugs tho - so excited!!!!