Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Traditions #s 2,3,4 & 5

#2 We put up the Christmas tree on Sunday the 21st of November this year! We don't have a set date each year - we just do whatever feels good around the end of November/ early December. (This year was a little early because I had such a long list of other things to do before in preparation for the baby.) Anyway, the tree looks great this year!

And as an addition to putting up the tree, we added another tradition. I've always liked the tradition many families have of Christmas pj's - receiving new pj's each year on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. My mum has always done that and I've had new pj's from her for as long as I can remember. This year I decided to take a new spin on an old tradition. The boys got new pj's on the day we put up the Christmas tree. So they have new trendy pj's to wear for the festive season!! They loved them and were so excited to get an early present and it is nice to have something new to wear in the Christmas lead-up :)

Advent Calendars Galore!! This year we have 3ish. The boys have the chocolate calendar ones and enjoy opening the little doors each day.
We have a countdown.
Then we have a scripture one where we read a scripture each day and there's also a short activity that goes with it - e.g. sing a song or write in your journal how you feel about the Saviour. Then we hang a little decoration on a wooden tree. It's nice to read some christmas-based scriptures each day and remind ourselves of how we should be living more like Jesus.

We just love going to look at the Christmas lights around various Neighbourhoods!! How can you not feel festive and happy walking around the streets amidst myriads of twinkling lights?!?!??!
We went to Brandella and Abbeyfeale Streets in Tingalpa. Hopefully this year we'll make it to the multi-award-winning display over at Kenmore too. Walter and Beverley Wood have won for years.

Take your own FREE photo with Santa!
I cannot believe how much Westfield, Myer and DJ's charge to buy a photo from them. But moreso, I cannot believe how many people pay it.......... it's ridiculous. I'm lucky to have a lovely Santa at our local Woolrworths who encourages families to take your own photo with Santa. Oh, and he was so nice - he even told the kids that if he couldn't bring the big gift they were asking for, that he would bring something else and they would love it. Santa can't bring big gifts always! Oh, thankyou Santa!!!!!!!

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  1. lovely traditions. I'm hoping to get to some lights this week *fingers crossed* and my kids get the pj's christmas eve but I love your one of getting when you put up the tree!! different and fun!!