Sunday, November 7, 2010

New addition to the family!

It arrived a little earlier than expected..... but we are so pleased with it!

2 weeks ago Elliot attended the auctions over at Zillmere and came home with a car! Our current Mazda Protege won't accomodate a third carseat so we had to upgrade.
Now initially, when I thought 'upgrade' I had high hopes of a Prado.
But it is inevitable that my sensible side will always shine through and those dreamy thoughts lasted about, oh, 3 hours.

So we bought a car that will fit 3 carseats across the back, without going into ANY debt.
This is my blog so I can gloat here.
This is in fact the 2nd time we have done this.
Our first family car which we had to purchase because baby #1 wouldn't fit in the ute, was also purchased without debt. (Prior to this we had always had a car care of Elliot's company!)

It was a little depressing to see our savings account dramatically decrease in one lump sum.

But then I thought ' hey, I'm a glass half-full gal' and realised a few things.

I'm grateful that I was taught self-sufficiency.
I'm grateful that I can happily live within my means. (We have never had a credit card!! And a student's budget is a little tight but we have managed and haven't gone without.)
I'm grateful for a husband who is not a spender either. We have been perfect for each other :)
I'm SOOOO grateful that we put our 'windfalls' aside when they came our way instead of indulging ourselves in some added luxury.

So we don't drive a new car.

And we haven't reached this dream

We don't have the latest technology (though Elliot really really REALLY wants some)

Nor will I be getting this (though I dearly dearly want one!!!)
But....... I have EVERYTHING I need.

My family.
My health.
A roof over our heads.
Food on the table.
Happiness. Joy.


  1. The things that really matter! Loved reading this post. I truly think that staying out of debt and living in your means is to be applauded. Its a quality the world does not teach nor value. Great post bev!

  2. yay for you bev! we recently bought a 16 year old commodore with extra seats in the boot. It seems everyone around me has 'newish' vans, 4wd, honda odessy etc. Our car is so redneck but is suits our means for the next couple of years till we can afford a van! lol

    oh and i seriously thought you meant the baby was here! even reading the first line!! you got me!

  3. And no debt.. which would be a big happiness and joy and killer! Well done Bev and Elliot!

  4. oh i thought your baby girl decided to arrive early lol :-) anyway love the post, i would love to buy a car outright.. :-)