Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Tradition #1

We recently had a discussion at Relief Society about Christmas traditions. And I couldn't remember any that we do except for the advent calendar. I kept racking my brain thinking "we do have traditions.... what are they???"
Luckily I've remembered before the Christmas season is over!

Here's the first one of the season. I started it with Lachlan when he was about 2. Each year the kids choose a new decoration for our Christmas tree. Some years I have given them some guidelines like a colour scheme, or a particular shape I wanted. I know, I'm a little controlling like that! Now that the tree is a bit fuller I figured it didn't matter quite so much so I gave them free reign in Big W.

Oh boy, it was a little bit traumatic. Who knew it was so difficult to choose just one decoration. The boys changed their minds SO many times.
Towards the end of our shopping when I was hurrying them along, another young mum in the aisle commented to me "go home - you look tired". Gee, thanks! Guess I should have worn some makeup that day!!!!

Anywhooooo.................. here's their 2010 choices:

Planning to put our Christmas tree up on the 14th or 21st November. Maybe......

When do you put yours up?


  1. I put mine up last weekend and decorated the lounge with lots of beautiful baubles dangling from the 15ft ceiling and it looks magical!

    And then someone came over and didn't even notice. Didn't even notice all of the baubles dangling from the ceiling!!! Or the lit up tree in the corner that he had to walk past to get in and can see through the french doors bu the front door. What's up with that?

  2. I tried this too! but hated the ones they chose.. lol lol... So i let them have a little tree in their room!!

    We just sat down for FHE to write down our traditions and any new ones we want to start! When kids are little its hard to do *meaningful* ones. So dont worry that you couldnt remember. My kids favourite one? Wrapping up all our christmas books to unwrap one each night to read! I'm gonna blog my traditions closer to december, we have quite a few!

  3. oh and Ken has a strict first FHE in December for the Tree!! I have swayed him twice when the first monday was like the 6th!! So we have done it on the last monday in november before. Though to get around this I do decorate with other christmas stuff before then ;) This year I am thinking of a certain date that we *always* put out the nativity set. Maybe December first??

  4. I like that tradition. One I may adopt!! Ours has been up for two weeks already :P but you already knew that.

    On a normal year I put it up beginning/mid November. Whenever I can be bothered.

  5. heheheh Bev - what a cute tradition! But you think you're controlling - well, I don't think there's any way I would let my kids choose a decoration yet??? no way - they all have to match! hehehehe.
    And we try and put the tree up on the first Monday night of December but like Bobbie said sometimes its a little late - so we'll do it as close to the beginning of December as possible! :)PS: I love this blog!!!! :) :) :)