Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thankyou Playschool!!

I've had a very productive day.
1. I got in and out of Spotlight to exchange some thread in 10 minutes!!!
2. Swept the floors and cleared the kitchen counters.
3. Washed (some of) the walls.
4. All beds were made this morning!
5. I cleaned the bathroom and toilet.
6. Made banana muffins withe Hayden.
7. I folded and put away a load of washing (which had been on the line since Friday.... *sigh*)
8. Played boardgames and blocks, and read books with Hayden.
9. Picked up a sick child early from school

So I thought I deserved some 'me time'. (btw, why do I accomplish housework and then automatically assume I deserve some fun in return? That is my job. Another post on that another day.)

Anyway, I need a rest ;) My poor pregnant body (oh please!) was sore and I needed a little sit down.

So, thankyou Playschool for 30minutes of peace so I could finish a few things off.

(For some reason the photos didn't flip like they normally do....)

Last time I had a baby I remember not having the time nor inclination to make or even send thankyou notes to the kind people who brought meals or gifts.
So this time I thought I better be prepared with some notes BEFOREHAND.
They're simple but still cute I think!!!

Bunting Round 2 to continue the boost of colour in the boys' room.

And I needed to change that thread so I could sew some colour to this muslim wrap.
Yes, I like red!


  1. Sounds very productive. Are you nesting hehehe. Its so exciting, I cant wait to hear more about your little girl when she arrives.

  2. super cute cards Bev and SUPER productive day!!!! Wow, I was already feeling guilty about my lack of motivation today now I feel REALLY naughty!!! hehehehe. Very inspiring - tomorrow is thankfully a new day! Hope Lachie's ok? Very cute cards!!!! :)

  3. those cards are cute (with a hoo sound in there)

  4. I also really love the cards, so simple but mega cute. Bev, it's a muslin wrap!!!

  5. I know it's a muslin wrap, but now it's a cute muslin wrap that's made for a girl! I didn't want to buy pink ones when I already had some perfectly serviceable ones from the boys so thought I'd add a touch of girlyness!! Silly of me I know, but I've had fun!