Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Apparently it's Halloween this coming weekend.
Don't people know that we are in Australia? This is NOT America and it is not Fall.
It is in fact nearly Summer and we have no affiliation with Halloween.
What is Halloween anyway?
And really, do we need to encourage another teeth-rotting festivity?

That said, I did thoroughly enjoy watching my young women carve Watermelons last week. Look at this fabulous creation

And just in case you needed to know, on Friday it's 8 weeks to Christmas. How's your shopping going? Mine's 70% done!


  1. agree agree.... Buuuuuuttt I find it so hard with so many cute autumn/halloween crafts around I just dont know what to do. Both ken and I grew up strictly anti halloween and he is still pretty staunch were I am slowly sliding....

    Last year anika was invited to a friends (who is canadian) from school halloween party. She went on the proviso she didnt dress up as something evil. She went as a black cat. The girls hosting the party were dressed as a butterfly and a ballerina... however all the australian kids every single one of them came as a witch. I *know* it is a little different over there but here halloween is synomonous with bad stuff (I believe)

    I had one american say "i cant believe you (australia) dont celebrate halloween" and all I said is "its NOT autumn" and she was all like 'oh yeah true'

    I also cant believe church's over there allow parties. Im sure some people dress up as scary/bad stuff. I think it should be kept seperate.

    Then I feel... why should I feel so passionate about this? Its just halloween. Its just a party. Kids love a little spooky. (I mean surely as LDS we believe in spirits etc) Should I just go with the flow allow them to enjoy etc etc.

    Ahhh the guilt .......

  2. ahhh question?? why did your young women carve a watermelon if you are anit-halloween?

  3. Im not fussed about Halloween either. I join in a little on occasion but purely because my husband is American and thinks it's normal. I never did understand why people want to decorate their houses with pumpkins and bats. I mean black and orange really don't go well together, let alone look good in decoration.. but ANYWAY.

    And Christmas shopping.. is done! Well. The Australian side of it is anyway. I finished it yesterday. I can't buy anything for the American family until we GET to America in a few weeks. I even wrapped most of them last night too. AND my Christmas decorations are ALL UP. My house is rather festive for October.

  4. We live in a very multicultural area where we have the opportunity to be involved in lots of 'non-Australian' celebrations - Diwali, Chinese New Year, Halloween etc. All of these are formally organised.

    It is a lovely experience in our community where people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate with those who traditionally observe these occasions.

    We are happy to continue celebrating Halloween while we live here. We don't let the children dress as anything scary or 'evil'. It is also a nice thing for David to share with the kids, as he has fond memories of Halloween from his years in Canada as a child.

    Having said that though, this year we aren't 'trick-or-treating' as Halloween falls on a Sunday. Bye the way, a British friend told me this week that Halloween actually started in Ireland!

  5. LOL @ Kylie! It was my counsellor's turn to organise the activity for our miamaids and laurels. It was just fun! No affiliation with Halloween - just sitting and gas-bagging while they carved!