Monday, May 3, 2010

If you haven't already seen this:

floating around facebook or then watch it NOW


  1. Thanks Bev. That was exactly what I needed to hear :)

  2. I know ! awesome right! I love nie... started reading her like 2 and half years ago, I love all her old posts I back read the entire lot till 2005 one time

  3. Thank you Bev :) I've followed the story of her blog from when she first had the accident - when many of the major news stations carried the story and so many people were inspired to do all they could to support her. If you haven't seen it, an example of this was here:

    Her blog is here:

    It was this story that first showed me how positive an influence for good blogging could be.


  4. I LOVE her blog and have been following it for the last couple of years. She is a true inspiration and when I can feel myself complaining and beginning to let in the dark clouds of self-pity I remember her and try to imagine what her life is like and then I just get on with it. She is amazing and she was just as amazing before the accident.