Sunday, May 2, 2010

Want to make your cooking life easier?

Do you have a slow cooker? If your answer if 'no', then you need one.

And I just noted that as of 8am (hmmm better check that time, not sure if that is right) you can purchase a whopping 6.5L slow cooker from ALDI for $39.95. It has a one-year warranty with it. But I can highly recommend aldi products - we love them and haven't had any problems with them.

I love using a slow cooker - they are brilliant. Here's my favourite reasons and why you should go and buy one if you don't already own one.

* It cooks the meat to perfection - so tender and melt-in-your-mouthness.

* You can use cheaper cuts of meat in it and they taste absolutely spectacular because it becomes so tender.

* If you know you are going to be late coming home or have a hectic afternoon, you can bung everything in earlier in the day and it's all done! Come home and serve straight to the table.

* They are my favourite possession on Sunday as we have afternoon church and are always starving when we get home at 4.45pm. We walk in to the delicious scents wafting down the stairs and eat dinner 20mins later. bliss.

* It means no more slaving over the stove for hours in the evening to get the perfect stew.

* If you have a young baby it will be your best friend. Witching hour is solved because you can just hold that baby all it wants because dinner is already bubbling away and you've had a nap in the afternoon because you'd already prepared dinner so could relax.

* Nothing beats a hot stew served on creamy mashed potato on a cold winter's night. Oh and lamb shanks done in the slow cooker....... to die for!!!

If those aren't enough reasons for you to either go and buy one for a measly $40 or dig yours out of the cupboard, then I don't think you deserve the wonderful enjoyment that a slow cooker brings.

(by the way, remember that 6.5L is huge, so if you're a small family, then maybe a smaller one would be better. Of just make a double and freeze half ready for a quick 'I don't feel like cooking tonight' meal.)


  1. mmm i love mine too. can you put some of your favourite recipes up Bev when you get time?

  2. I Need to get mine out again. I find alot of things i cook in there start to taste the same.. lol... cause I always use the same vegetables and diced tomatoes.

    that would be the upside of afternoon church!! cause 4-5 hours is perfect for the slow cooker!! i find all day ends up burning the food.

  3. Really Bobbie? I put it on slow for 7-8 hours and it's fine! I just found a new site with lots of chicken recipes for the slow cooker so am keen to try them out. Will post any really good ones!

  4. You've sold me Bev. We now have a shiny new slow cooker. Seems like the perfect Tuesday-afternoon solution for me when Ethan has soccer training.