Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can I just say.......

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING AS YW PRESIDENT. None what so ever. I think they picked the wrong person.

*now imagine me blowing a huge raspberry*



  1. lol, blowing a raspberry? way to stick it to 'the man' Bev! I know why you're YW President. Because you are dedicated and committed to the gospel, you are creative and passionate and are a GREAT example of the type of person Young Women would do well to emulate. So there. *raspberry!!*

  2. i hear ya....i would have no clue!! but i'm sure you're great!

  3. Half of my callings have been in YW so I know how you feel. My girls that are all grown up now have taught me that you could do the best activities/program ever, but mostly all they'll remember is how you loved them. Go you! x

  4. I used to think the same thing, I probably still do at times even though I'm released but being YW's president is the best & my most "favoritist" calling so far! Seriously! Never ever thought I would say that & I can't count how many times I thought the same as you - "I'm not good enough, someone else would be a better choice, what in the heck am I doing?" etc etc.....but when the girls come to you and share something personal or an achievement or come to you when you're released balling their eyes out because they don't want you to go - well then you've done something right!! At least, that's what I like to think. You're doing brilliantly Bev. The fact that you had established a relationship for the most part by being a counselor helps things immensely - if I could give you one piece of advice it would be this.....you are your own person, just because previous YW's presidents appeared to have so much success doesn't mean that they did or that you will by doing it the way they did...make your own decisions & choices and learn from your failures & triumphs and don't be afraid to ask for help or be too proud to accept it (that was me for a time). Personally, I think you'll have more of the triumphs than anything else! You're a wonderful person Bev & Kate's right....a wonderful example.

  5. haha, i bet ure awesome bev! I thought that when i was 2nd councillor in R.S!! People would tell me i'm doing a great job and i'm like "noo, i have noo idea what i'm doing, i'm hopeless!"
    Being the president would be hard work in any calling, soo much work! hope you have great councillors to compliment the great job you are doing.

  6. Haha!
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment Bev. I think the point is that we shouldn't feel bad about other people's accomplishments, but just really pleased for them. Why wouldn't we?
    I think there are wonderful things about everybody, and that we should find out what they are and celebrate them. Again, why wouldn't we?

    Maybe there was no-one else who would accept the call. Maybe it's to humble you. Or to get you back for some little prank you played in the pre-existence. Or maybe you are just the one Heavenly Father wants to have there :) But you are bound to learn a lot. And do some good, so that's pretty great, isn't it? :)

    And I love raspberries :)

  7. I agree with Kate! Bev, you ARE a wonderful example of a good, righteous woman. I admire you and I'm sure even if the girls don't realise it now, one day they will look back at their AWESOME YW president (that's you) and remember how much you inspired and helped them.

  8. Haha Bev - you make me laugh :)

    I'm in YW too at the moment, and I'm pretty sure I know EXACTLY what you mean! Mind you, I'm only the 1st coun. which is WAY better than president.

    Not to worry, I suspect you're actually going to be an awesome and amazing President. You know, the kind they mention in their talks at Stake Conference in 30 years time? :)

    ox Tammy