Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rellies in Rocky

In March we went to Rocky for a church conference.  We stayed at the Rockhampton Discovery Park and the kids had a ball!  Saturday we went to McDonald's for breakfast, shopped, swam, relaxed, napped and rode around on these!

We were lucky enough to meet Nana and Poppy there too.  So it was a really fun weekend! 

After conference on Sunday we went to the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens which also houses the Rockhampton Zoo which boasts free admission.  It was a stinking hot day so was a bit of a struggle enjoying the walking around but it was fun and great to burn off some energy before the long-ish drive home.  

At the Botanical Gardens Lachlan lost his bottom tooth while eating lunch.  Well actually, Elliot pulled it out.... but thank goodness its gone so we don't have to see him wiggling it constantly anymore!  I hate loose teeth.

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