Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bowen Holidays

Views form Flagstaff Hill.  It has 360deg views and it was just breathtaking.  My cheap camera certainly doesn't do the views justice.  

Lachlan was obsessed with playing soccer on this holiday.  There was a match on the beach every day.

The manager of the accommodation was a Tongan and took the boys to collect coconuts one morning.  They were thrilled.  Big knife, long pole, ropes and tree climbing were all involved.  Wish I'd got a photo :(  But here we are enjoying coconut juice for lunch!

Down on the esplanade they have this great water park.  We spent a few afternoons here the kids just loved lining up under the giant bucket.  

Lachlan really got into the snorkelling.

Grey's Bay.  We had stunning weather and no stingers despite all the warnings and no-one else swimming!

Fishing at Grey's Bay.  Elliot caught a fish (see below) and Natalie did too!!  I was on the beach playing with Hayden at the time so no photo :(

One day we went to the movies to see the Lego Movie.  Natalie didn't really like it, constantly asking "What's happening?"  But she's got the theme song downpat now! 
(On a side note, does everyone else's children suddenly pull silly poses when you're trying to get a family picture?!)

This is typical Hayden....

We had a really great week.  The 6hour drive wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  We had the most glorious weather and it was great to relax and unwind in a fairly magnificent place!     

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