Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Full Story - Another fall, another scar...

Hayden is wild.  Much as I've tried to tame him, I have as yet been rather unsuccessful.  He's full of energy and not a hint of fear of injury is present in his body.  Generally, he is like a cat and lands on his feet, hardly ever hurting himself more than a few scratches.  He's also a bit of a melodramatic child and at times a small graze brings full hysterics.  So when I heard some screaming and saw Hayden riding his bike slowly back from the other end of our street with a fair bit of drama, I wasn't particularly worried.  Looked like fairly normal behaviour for a fight with Lachlan or a small fall.  It wasn't until he got across the road closer to me that I saw all the blood!  
The story goes that he was going "really really fast - about 40km/hr and I got the wobbles and my wheel slipped off the path and I fell onto the grass", in Hayden's own words....  
"Where's your helmet?" I asked
"I couldn't find it", said Hayden.
Hayden had a fairly deep cut above his top lip and his mouth was bleeding from the inside and there were several scrapes on his forehead, nose and cheeks.  He looked a mess.  But nothing too serious.  No protruding bones or large cuts anywhere else.  
Elliot decided it was Ambulance worthy.  Which it wasn't.  But when you live in a town with the closest Dr 35mins away and a friend who is the Ambo, whom you know is not particularly busy, I guess you think it's ok.  I was mortified that he was ringing 000 for a bit of a grazed face....  Nevertheless, lovely Kerri arrived and gave Hayden a good going over and some advice about his injuries.  Here's Hayden being treated by Kerri.

She gave him the full treatment.  (Which I guess she was obliged to do, attending a 000 call...)  Kerri and her husband, share a full-time Ambulance officer job here in Capella.  They came here for a 3-year contract and that was 5 years ago!  They are really really cool people and super friendly.  She was so kind and Hayden really loved the attention and was immediately calm for her!  We decided against going to the Emerald hospital.  He probably would have had 1-2 stitches in the cut above his lip but we're confident it will heal pretty well on its own.  And everyone needs one scar story, right?  Though something tells me this is not going to his last....

He was very brave considering and was in a fair bit of pain.  His lip was swollen for about 4-5 days and made eating and drinking a little tricky.  But the grazes on his nose and forehead scabbed over quickly and it's all healing really well.  

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  1. Oh my! That looks scary! So glad your friend is an ambo and could help reassure you! Maybe it's in the name though? My Hayden is exactly the same! : )