Monday, March 10, 2014

A Glorious Graduation

The day after Elliot's birthday we attended his graduation ceremony.  It was a very proud day for us all.  

For Elliot, it was never about finishing and graduating, he constantly said it was about getting the job that would provide better opportunities for our family.  The day was certainly made sweeter knowing that he had secured that job.  It was a glorious feeling that day!  I was so so proud of Elliot.  He sure worked hard for four long years and we all did it tough.  But it was worth it.
In mid November we were out doing Christmas shopping and were in the surf shop when Elliot received a phone call.  He never answers so when he did I had a brief thought.  When I was still standing talking to the owner discussing the qualities of surfboards 10minutes later and there was no sign of Elliot I had this feeling he got a job offer.  He finally came back looking a little stunned and pale.  He'd just accepted a job at St George! We were thrilled but it was remote, high risk of flooding and no church.  The next evening while at work Elliot got another call and a message left on his voicemail offering him a job in Capella.  So an agonising weekend of research of waiting ensued.  We decided that while St George was a point higher, Capella had a branch 35mins away and was a better opportunity.  Elliot called the principal first thing on Monday morning and accepted.  It was lucky he did so so early because as it panned out, he shouldn't have been able to receive 2 offers.  But we are incredibly glad that the Capella offer came through and that we could get out of the other, even if we did feel a little bad!
Looking back, those uni years went in the blink of an eye!

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