Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing bigger

Yesterday I was 31 weeks. Here's my belly with still another 9 weeks to grow!

I'm feeling great (except for the cold that has been shared within our family). Baby is making lots of movements and has already had it's head down for a while. What clever babies I have! I love this stage when space is running out and you can really feel the baby in there. Love seeing the foot sticking out! - though we haven't go there yet. Still a fair bit to grow yet. Not in any real hurry for this pregnancy to end, though I can't help but be excited to meet my little baby is just 9 weeks!


  1. 9 weeks isn't long! Will your quilt be finished in time?

  2. I've sewn the strips into 25 squares - quite successfully I might add! So I am making good progress. I don't think it will take too long after I've got them all sewn together. But as for the other long list of things I want to make..... I may be being a bit ambitious!!

  3. ohhhh only 9 weeks!!! THat sounds so close! How exciting - what an exciting time of year for you all, a new baby and christmas and then a new year and a school boy!!! Yay for the Cowan house! And that is a BEAUTIFUL belly Bev, seriously beautiful...