Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bundles of goodness

My baby girl's quilt is making some progress finally. I put off cutting the fabric for so long. I was scared. Scared by it's gorgeousness and didn't want to stuff it up. So the fabric sat in it's lovely packet for quite some time and I would lovingly caress it and admire it's beauty for a few weeks :)

So anyway, I finally cut the 150 strips out over the last week and last night I layed them in the squares that will make up my rail pattern.
I've decided to try a square quilt this time. The pattern I'm following has done 6 rows instead of my five so I may add the last row yet - I'm just seeing how I go!

When I was happy with the layout and the colour combinations in each block, I pinned the strips for that block together and put a number on it. (Looking at this photo I can see some strips that need swapping though. I cannot do random!!! So some changes will be made!)
So now I have a bunch of these:

I was scared to cut the fabric.
I'm much more scared to sew it. I want this quilt to look like the ones you'd pay good money for. I really need to sew all of these perfectly straight. But I don't have the time to let them sit around till I get the courage up. Time is running out! And I have so many other things on my "to-make" list. I wonder why I suddenly have the sewing bug after years of doing nothing. I guess it's the nesting?!?!??!?!

So now I have a request..... Does anyone reading this blog have the expertise OR know of anyone who does, to do the squiggly quilting on top of the quilt? You know like this:
Celebrate Spring Twin size quilt

I got a quote from a shop to do it for me but it was RIDICULOUS - about $80. You kidding me!
So I'm calling all quilters for a huge favour. Can anyone help me??? PLEASE!??!?!?


  1. amanda bailey in my ward is my quilter go to. shes awesome. But even she pays the professionals to do that quilting part sometimes. One of hers had ladybugs sewn into it. I only to straight, as the material puckers so easily.... i can ask amanda.

  2. Bev this fabric is so beautiful, it will look absolutely gorgeous when it's done!! I think you should pay the professionals to do it. We could make a 'Bev's awesome baby quilt fund' and all contribute to it for a gift to you!!

  3. It looks like a beautiful quilt Bev! Do you know how to use the gold-coloured lace pins to help in sewing it up? Because these pins are soft, you can pin them into exactly the position or point you want to hit, and leave them in while you sew right over the top. It really helps with getting the seams lined up perfectly. Good luck! :)

  4. Sandy - I've never heard of those. Sounds just like what I need! Where do I get them from???

  5. hey lovely - this is gorgeous material - so so soft and girly and sweet - I love them all! Just perfect! Good luck with the sewing - sorry I can't help AT ALL but I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job and it will be even more special knowing you made it for your little baby girl. And I agree with Kate - I would be more than happy to contribute to a 'Bev Quilt Fund' since you won't let us do a baby shower (!!!!) :). I don't think you'd regret getting it done by the

  6. You'll get them (or should be able to) at Spotlight or any other sewing supplies store. They are called Lace pins, and look very similar to your usual pins, but are gold instead of silver. You'll be able to put your pin through the exact point on your top piece of material, then through the exact point on your bottom piece, then pin - and sew straight over the top of the pin, leaving it in as you sew. Normal pins would usually break your machine needle, but these don't (or at least, almost never :) This lets you match seams and points pretty much perfectly. I've made lots and lots of quilts, and these are a big help :)
    Good luck!

    ps Just a thought about your squiggly quilting thing - have you thought about doing ditch quilting with your machine? (this will explain):
    Or - straight stitching, using straight diagonals across your quilt, which introduces a complimentary design element.
    Or - tie quilting, which is one that I often do. It's fairly quick, is hand sewn, and I quite like the look.

    If you do decide to machine quilt yourself, you will find that using a special quilting foot for your machine will help a lot - to stop the layers from puckering. You don't have to have one, but it does make the job simpler and easier.
    Happy sewing! :)

  7. Bev,
    I know a fabulous quilter in North Pine Ward, Jane MacDermott. Here is a link to her quilting blog She has made many a quilt and even had them in competitions. Talk to her she will be able to help you out.