Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waaaaaay too early

Mr 5 seems to be making it a habit to arise at 5:45am. He clumps to the toilet. Then he clumps back to his room and wakes up Mr 3. We are of course all awake then.

It is WAAAAAAAAAY too early to be arising everyday. We have dark curtains in their room - it's not particularly bright. We DO NOT rise when they do so there's no encouragement there.

How can I delay him. I only want 30mins. 6.15am would be quite respectable. But anything before 6am is just not on. Help!


  1. Bribery and threats! Sort of...

    Sweetly explaining that he is not to get up until you come and get him up otherwise there is a punishment (no dessert or something like that. Explain that it makes you sad when he gets up too early. Then comes the sweetener, if he can stay in bed until you come get him and NOT wake up mr 3 he gets a reward. Trip to the park, extra sprinkles on his dessert, extra tv show, gets to help you make dinner, gets an extra story at bed time etc.

    That's what I did when we came up against this problem.

  2. kalani woke at 5am for years... now she sleeps into 8 ... it took 4 years of school to tire her out???? anyways I comiserate..

    become an early morning person? I hated it and felt blergg for years until I realise they are better behaved when I beat them to get up (or is it because I am up I am less grumpy?) anyway I dont get up till 6:30 now... but Ken always gets up before the kids to read scriptures etc and shower... hes so much better than me!!

  3. what about a digital alarm clock? Tell him he needs to stay in his bed/room until the alarm clocks rings then he can run in and jump on you .....(ok maybe not jump :) but wake you up (he might find that kind of exciting, you know all that waiting :)

    Or if you were worried that the alarm might wake up your other son (if he's not already woken up) you could maybe try a clock and draw some permanent lines on the time that he can come out of his room.....(you might have to explain a little bit about how a clock works for this one.....

    Anyway hope you find something that works. I am so NOT a morning person so I feel your pain!! good luck!!!!

  4. I have similar probs with boy 3. Who wakes up everyone else. I think summer does it to kids all my friends are complaining about the early rising child/ren. Hope you are feeling well in your pregnancy.

  5. I have tried all the above things, clocks, taking him to the toilet before i go to bed, bribery but he just needs to get up to go to the toilet at that time and wakes everyone up. I dont know how to change that. For me I think it will just be time.

    The time will come when i will be dragging them out of bed for seminary - they either dont want to sleep or sleep to much.

    We have just ended up putting on the telly till we get up (around 6.15-6.30).

    Isn't there a happy medium?