Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll swap you??

I LOVE being pregnant. I really do. (no hint of sarcasm, that is the absolute truth.) I love the way the body grows and develops when a woman is pregnant - and I think the bulging belly is just beautiful.

I am lucky. I get told it often. And I feel that I am. I carry well, I look 'small' and generally don't put on a lot of weight. I am all baby and have been lucky enough with the 2 boys to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight winthin weeks. (We'll see if I'm as lucky this time.) These are all good genetics and none of my doing. It is pure luck and I can do nothing about it. So sorry everyone!

Apparently these are hereditary too.

An 80yr-old lady's leg? Nope. Mine.

See the bulge on the left hand side above my knee cap? Varicose vein. There's another smaller bulge towards the bottom of the photo on the left side. The rest is my spider web!

My legs used to my favourite part of my body. Now I can only say that about one leg! Yes, these lovely veins only occur in my left leg. (These photos don't do them real justice.) I wear a pressure stocking to help with the pain. It brings wonderful relief. But sadly, the veins still look hideous.

The worst of it is that they continue to the 'nether regions'. Did you know that varicosities in the crotch area were symptomatic of pregnancy? I didn't. But I sure as heck do now! Don't ask me to stand in a queue for more than a minute. I dread the checkouts at Woolworths. It literally feels as though my bottom will fall out!

Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on any woman's body. We all have different burdens to bear. I don't suggest for a moment that mine are in any way worse than anyone else's. They are not. In fact I don't think the pain is even equal with people who get extremely bad morning sickness. I would not cope with vomiting.

But I have thought at times, when well-meaning people comment on how 'tiny' I am that I would happily trade the varicosities for a huge belly. In a heart beat. But that would have it's own downsides. So until I can walk in another's shoes, I'll keep my mouth shut and keep lying around the house! It's always fun to have an excuse to rest while everyone else does the work!!

I feel blessed to be pregnant. I am privileged to be able to bring children into this world - of that I am well aware and feel very lucky. Despite the hideousness of my leg at the current time I wouldn't trade being pregnant for anything else in the world. I'll take the bad with the good.


  1. awesome bev. They are some varicose veins! Do they just go away after you have the baby???? Hope you feel better ... they look ouchy

  2. My question is the same as Bobbies... do they go away? or is this something you ALWAYS have? either way.. I'm feeling for you. It looks like the pits.

  3. They apparently get worse with each pregnancy. I didn't have them at all with Lachlan. And in between pregnancies I have no problems. The pain goes away after baby is born. They go down and that large varicose vein will significantly reduce it's swelling but they won't totally disappear this time :( I should start saving now for the operation to strip them!

  4. Ouchy bev.... i found out about the "nether regions" varicose veins a couple of years ago. Was slighty shocked to say the least. It looks very uncomfortable. xxoo

  5. I'm really sorry for you Bev. It's hard when your scars (veins) are very visible for all to see especially coming up to the summer months. I know that it is also very painful. My sis in law had similar troubles. I have my own pregnancy demons. I get the big belly thing that has stretched my skin so much that I have a granny's wrinkled face where my smooth tummy used to be. I dont have fat rolls, just skin rolls that always hang like a muffin top over any pants I wear. I wont go on to much but I look forward to the ressurection :) But I appreciate the beauty of birth and all its ups and downs. I appreciate (just as I know you do) that there is always someone worse off. But somehow I still mourn a little for my pre pregnancy body.

  6. Isn't pregnancy fun! Having only done it once, it was just all amazing to me, and having took so long for me to actually get pregnant I also tried to savour every moment and not complain...because there is always someone who has it worse. Good Luck for the coming months! And your cute little girl to come ;0)

  7. ouch, i hope they go away after you had the baby :-) my mum had varicose veins everytime she was pregnant but they always went away, i didn't have it with Kellan but i had carpal tunnel syndrome, gestational diabetes and a severe swelling :( i am just happy that the carpal tunnel went away and the diabetes...i wish you all the best on the remaining time of your pregnancy, and we can't wait to see the pictures of your little princess...