Monday, September 6, 2010

A bit more pink!

I made this last Wednesday night. A long while back (way before I was pregnant) I bought a pack of muslin wraps from Target 4 of the big 1m square ones for $10. I had intentions of using them to make a breastfeeding wrap but ended up buying one recently for a reasonable price so decided that I would try copying this idea I'd seen on the net, and add some pink to one of them. It wasn't rocket science and not particularly fancy, but met my skill levels and was quick. I like quick - because when I get something into my mind, I want it done now. This met the criteria. I bought the fabric and ric rac at spotlight on the way from kindy dropoff and then sewed it up that night.

I've just sewn the pink fabric with some ric rac to 2 sides so when the baby is wrapped up you'll see some around the top and folded across the middle. I've already instructed Elliot that if he wraps her wrongly and we can't see the pink, he'll have to redo it - sleeping baby or not! LOL

I must say, I'm rather in a craft mood at the moment. Hopefully we will have something else exciting to show you soon!


  1. I love your handywork. It makes me want to make something too. I agree with making sure you see the pretty pink.

  2. hehehe - I love the instructions to elliot - that is so funny and totally reasonable!!! hehehhee And I agree, loving all your exciting crafty things - you are so clever! Are we getting just a wee bit excited to be having a girl??? :)

  3. just a bit Adele!! You should see the fabric I just bought for a cot quilt for the nursey..... to die for - so delicious and sweet. And the clothes.... oh someone should stop me! Still weird to think I'll be having a girl though.... :P