Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 is fun!

when you're not sick......
It looked like Lachlan was perking up and over his illness on Friday but he really wasn't 100% on Saturday. He was a little lacking in energy and enthusiasm and I was a little sad to see him not totally enjoying his party. But it was still overall a success! We later discovered that a middle ear infection was the culprit. Poor boy - terrible luck to be sick on your birthday :(

Credit must go to Elliot for the fabulous Fire Engine cake which Lachlan has been planning for the last year. I made the cakes and the icing but Elliot put it all together and decorated it. I really like the effect the royal icing (think that's what it's called) decorations had. They looked clean and accurate which is hard to achieve with just butter icing (and a wobbly piping hand!)

I have declared myself retired from cake making - Elliot is much better and it's much less stressful to hand it over to him while I scurry around doing the other 'last-minute' bits.


  1. you did a good job... well elliot... great cake! I havent done a shaped cake in a while.. I keep doing cheating ones... lol

  2. Awesome cake guys. I've handed alot of my cooking over to my Hubby lol. My cakes lately have been rushed and look like my sons have helped me even though they haven't... I'm very amateur. But they still like them. At least I have the taste down pat. Happy Birthday Lachlan.

  3. Very impressive.... the skill level is admirable