Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday bits

Today I had a sick child :(
Now here I could begin a good-sized paragraph about how I really don't cope well with sick children but it was actually a rather nice day and I am noticing that as they get older, children are much more bearable when they are sick. For example, they can tell you what's wrong with them, monitor their own intake of food etc. and reach their vomit bowl and project it into the vicinity of the bowl rather than all over the couch :P

Anyway, Lachlan was sick and the suitable remedy was a day on the couch in front of the tv. Might I add at this point, that offering this medication made me queasy and on edge. To think of letting him lie in front of the tv all day.. *gasp*.
I let the kids watch tv for a short while in the morning (while I sleep in) and in the afternoon (while I prepare dinner) but if they've watched too watch I start feeling like a terrible mother and it makes me more than a little anxious! But I am sidetracked again -
Since big brother was on the couch, Hayden deemed it equally appropriate that he sit and mindlessly watch all day too.... Which left me with a fair bit of free time on my hands on a day when it was the perfect weather for doing nothing but indulging oneself.

SO................ It's Lachlan's birthday next Monday and we are scheduled to have a party for him and 13 of his friends + one brother on Saturday. On a recent blog hop I discovered a really cute birthday banner idea here and today seemed like a great time to try it while both children were mindlessly engaged! Her's seems to have an outer circle in solid colour but I didn't want to waste all my cardstock so just did the one. Pretty chuffed with this very simple and quick banner. Hopefully we will be able to go ahead with the party and use it.

(sorry for the poor quality photos. It looks good in real life I assure you!)

But I'm currently taking bets on who will get the 'bug' next and destroy the birthday party plans. At the moment it's at 2-1 for Hayden to be vomiting by Wednesday morning and I will be sick by Friday. It's a sure thing. Want in?

Only time will tell I guess......

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  1. no one else will get sick and the party will be fine!!lol

    I hate vomiting... but I dont mind sickness where they stay still all day!! Last time my girls just threw up once and slept all day! yay! wasnt bad at all!! ha ah aha

    like your new layout.. easier to see!!