Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm grateful for food. But I wish it prepared itself.

I'm grateful for a comfy couch and wish I could sit on it longer.

I'm grateful for Masterchef. Thank goodness there is something on tv worth watching again.

I'm grateful my children can talk so well but wish they hadn't learnt my name.

I'm grateful for 7pm. There is no more fighting, no loud voices, no-one calling my name constantly. And there is silence. Priceless.

(Can you tell it's been one of those days?)

Is it awful of me to admit that I'm over this gratitude thing already and it's only been 6 days??? hmmmmm me thinks I need this gratitude exercise more than I thought!

I ust fished out a gratitude diary my mum gave me for my birthday a few years ago (she copied the idea off you Bobbie) and had many 'smile' moments.
I thought about listing them now but have decided I'll hold them so I can cheat and write them in subsequent days :-)


  1. I'm sorry you had one of those days! We all know what you mean. Total agreement from me about the food and the 'ahhh!' silence :)
    And today is another day - I hope it's a good one for you :)
    Lol about your: '..but wish they hadn't learnt my name' - I'd never thought about it that way before. I always thought when I tried so hard to teach our children to say 'Dad' first, that I was being altruistic - now I'm wondering... :)


  2. hehehe - is it evil of me to be smiling at this entry Bev!!!! so funny and so get it!!! :) off to read the next entry...xxx