Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm grateful..... to be married.

What's great about marriage?
I always have someone to take to a party and will never be a nigel again.
I get to live with my best friend.
We have 2 beautiful boys who are sealed to us forever.
I always have someone to kill the spiders and catch the rats.
I never have to do the chores alone.
I always have someone to jumpstart the car when the battery goes flat (or rescue me at the shops when I've locked the keys in the car).
I always have someone to ring to have a whinge and cry.
I always have someone here to make me laugh.
I don't have to be in the 'dating scene'.
I can wear my pj's all day long and he still thinks I'm beautiful.

Of course, there's lots more but I could be here all night!

Here's to marriage and working hard every day to make it last. Here's to walking ahead together. Of dreaming of clear blue skies and dealing with the clouds that sometimes come along, together.

(Can I add that these comments of gratefulness are by no means in order of significance. Because clearly the gospel and my marriage would usually come before say the washing and silence. :-) )


  1. I really liked your comment on Jillina's post, Bev :) Sounds like a very good plan!