Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lachlan is NINE!!!!

To celebrate Lachlan had a "Minute to Win It" party.

The first game was "Face the Cookie"

Wrap It Up

Stick It
In this one the kids had to bounce ping pongs to land on the honey-covered bread.  Each person had to get 3 on their bread in one minute.

Separation Anxiety

Wiggle It

Noodling Around

We also played Breakfast Scramble (piecing together a cereal box puzzle) and This Blows (blowing a cup across the table 3 times)
We had hotdogs and flavoured milk then it was cake time.  In Emerald there is a bmx track the boys love and Lachlan asked for a dirt-track cake!  (Next year I will be drawing the line at any more jump related cakes...)

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