Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Evans Head

I've been totally slack in updating events in the Cowan house..... September holidays means the annual "Jeffrey Family Holiday". This year, with Elliot at uni and work, we only went from Tuesday to Saturday. I must say, with the weather turning out the way it did, I'm glad we went for the shorter time. It rained on Wednesday but was sunny and clear on Thursday and Friday so did manage to get the beach, which was lovely.
Pop has a boat at the moment so one afternoon we went out on the river.... to do some fishing. Or rather, to feed the fish our bait. It seems the boys were all very good at casting and giving the fish a feed, but nothing was actually caught.

On Thursday Uncle Carl built this massive sand hill and the kids all had a ball climbing up and then jumping, rolling or sliding down it. It kept them amused for hours!

And here's Hayden surfing the COLD waves. He didn't like getting flipped off it though.... Naughty waves!
All in all, despite the bad weather it was a really nice time away to relax and spend time with great people.

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