Sunday, August 8, 2010

The busy month of July

First up in July was our 9year wedding anniversary. I'm still pinching myself all this time later that I snapped up such a great guy. I love him to bits and the rollercoaster has been a blast with you honey!
To celebrate this year we were on a family reunion so the weekend before we dropped the boys at Elliot's parents for the day and then headed up to Mount Tamborine for a meander and lunch. We tried a relatively new place up there called 'The Olive Garden'. It was delicious and we'd recommend it. It was a freezing day up on the Mountain but we got a table in the sun to warm up a little and it was a really nice relaxing day spent in adult conversation and leisurely walking around.
So the next weekend was the Jeffrey Family holiday. We went for a weekend at a recreation centre for a relaxing get-back-to-nature and bond. It was really nice and I really enjoyed this type of holiday.

4 days later we left for our first ever family plane-holiday. We spent 5 days in Melbourne city and surrounds. It was awesome! but not long enough....... The kids loved the plane trip, but Hayden really struggled to sit still for 2 1/2 hours. Other highlights were the trams in the city, Melbourne Zoo, the kids activities at Melbourne Museum (oh, and here's a tip if you're going to Melbourne and have a Health Care Card - it's FREE!!), the snow at Lake Mountain and Mount Donna Buang, the bungalow we stayed in down in the Don Valley and the wonderful family time we had together. Not so good highlights were the cold, and the lack of seats in the pram. We were worried about boot space in the hire car so decided to just take the stroller instead of the Phil and Ted which has 2 seats. It was a HUGE pain having one child walking all the time, or should I say not walking all the time. I read somewhere that pregnant women aren't supposed to carry their older children. Try telling that to the cold, whinging, tired toddler! Here's a few pics. We literally took hundreds.......

While we were in Melbourne it was Hayden's birthday - he's a big 3 year old now! On his birthday I took a couple of little gifts for him to unwrap and we spent the day at the zoo, with dinner and a donut cake back home that night. That Zoo is amazing. Very reasonably priced and so so good. If you go to Melbourne, it is a must-visit even if you don't have kids.
When we got back we had small kids party for him on the Friday and then a family birthday bbq at the park the next day. His birthday seemed to be a 2-week-long celebration because of being away! I will probably post more photos in a separate entry about his birthday.
Then last week we went for our 19week scan. Can you believe it's a GIRL?!?!?!?
I couldn't. Amazing that we have 2 gorgeous sons and are now going to have a beautiful little girl. The boys are ecstatic that they are going to have a little sister and Elliot wanted a girl too. I was the only one hoping for a boy but am now loving the idea of a little bundle of pink. The shopping has begun people!!!! Buying all those gorgeous little baby outfits must be the only thing that gets mothers excited about the fact that in about 11 or so years' time that daughter will hate you and you will endure 6-8 years of horrendous teenage moods and dramas. I've said it all along, boys are much easier and I would rather do without the teenage daughter years but alas, I apparently need that adversity in my life...... so bring it on! I'm ready for you young lady!!!! But watch out, you may have picked the wrong mumma. hehehehe


  1. Congratulations Bev! Funny - I originally wanted all girls! Our girls in their teenage years were my best friends, after Neil, so I'm thinking that you will probably love it too :) I think that even the word, 'daughter' sounds wonderful!
    All of your trips and holidays sound great!

  2. HOOORAY!!!! (that is so what my nanna would say). i'm so pleased its a girl! how fun. oh and im SERIOUSLY jealous of how much fun you had in Melbourne!! and curious to know the story behind the picture of the Llama that may be chasing your son...

  3. but bev surely you are more perfect than your brothers.. im sure your girl will be kind to you

  4. Dear Bev,
    I loved to read and catch up on your family adventures. Congrats on expecting a girl. That will be nice to experience, pink stuff, girly stuff etc. I heard a saying daughter for life, but son until he meets wife, something like that anyways. I hope I am a nice mother in law so my daughter in laws dont take my sons too far away, if you get what I mean :)

    I agree with the whole avoid carrying children when your pregnant, tummy is a wreck as a result BUT its so unrealistic. Whoever really endorses it musnt have multiple children. I'll keep your pram tip in mind.

  5. What a awesome holiday! I remember my first plane ride and it was so exciting as a kid, the boys must of been beaming! All the long studying hours and days of lonliness paid off with a great holiday!

    and the girl announcement..... AWESOME! Having one of each, my little girl holds a special place in my heart. I don't think it quite fair to say one sex is easier than another.... they're just different. In some cases VERY different. he he. Trade Secret do little girls clothes really well, especially church clothes. Cheaper and oh so gorgeous! Have fun shopping, when are you due?

  6. Hi Bev! congrats on expecting a little girl! That is SO exciting! I thought I wanted another boy too (when I was pregnant with my 3rd) but had a girl. As soon as she was born I quickly realised how special little girls are....and I know all kids are different but my girl was SO MUCH easier than my boys - so much more relaxed and independent (and less energy too...hehe)

    Have fun shopping for pink - you may not be able to stop :)