Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So I was just standing at the washing line for a good 25mins hanging up washing and taking down the dry things and folding them into my baskets. I was beginning to wallow in my mind of all the things that are currently not going my way.

But I hadn't got very far when a little voice spoke in my mind rebuking me and instantly into my mind popped several things that I can be grateful for.

I think I owe this to the blogging world. I read a few blogs (ok, I'll tell the truth - I stalk a few more blogs....) whose authors have recently blogged in detail of their gratitude journey. So as I stood at the washing line and had a moment that could have very quickly turned into a lengthy wallow and my week and family could have taken a steep downhill slide, those entires popped into my mind, it filled me with joy and my mindset changed.

On any given day, we will all have things that will go awry. I like to remind others of their own blessings when they begin to feel down but am often happy to wallow myself (in private).
So I'm revisiting my youth and bringing back that great quality I used to have of being a glass-half-full gal.

In the following month I hope to daily recount my gratitude :)

I am grateful for beautiful weather yesterday and today that allowed me to get my moutain of washing done. And to a husband who was home when I wasn't and could hang up the finished loads and put on more. Great team work!

I am grateful for a lovely friend who had us over for a playdate.

I am grateful for another great friend whom I admire so much for her dedication, cheerful nature and ability to make me laugh.

I am grateful for food to eat.

I am grateful that our electricity and phone are still working!

Extremely grateful that our lease has been renewed for another year! YIPEEE!!!!

Life feels great. I am happy and love my life. Accentuating the positive is wonderful!


  1. hehehe - you always put a smile on my face and i LOVE to read your thoughts and experiences Bev! So good of you to a) get to the washing, and b) find the will-power to think of the positives!!!! you're inspirational - I'll have to give it a try one of these days!!! xxx Have a great

  2. Hello Bev, I am a new cyber friend not sure if you remember my face from YSA days. So great to see your families progress and read your random thoughts.